International Money Transfer Application Form

International Money Transfer
Application Form
Bankwest, a division of Commonwealth Bank of Australia
ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL/Australian credit licence 234945
Important Information
I/We request Bankwest, a division of Commonwealth Bank of Australia ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL/Australian credit licence 234945, to make
the payment mentioned in this request by International Money Transfer. This form can be used for domestic money transfers also (RTGS)
Method of payment – Advise and credit
Correspondent Bank(s) charge(s) – See clauses 4 and 5 on the reverse of this form.
Great news! You can now create International Money Transfers in Bankwest Online Banking.
This new payment option will be added to Online Business Banking soon.
Visit for details.
Section 1 – Your account details - Where do you want the payment to be taken from?
BSB and Account number
Full name
Residential address (PO Box is not acceptable)
Section 2 – Receiving account details - Where do you want the payment to be sent?
Bank name
Bank address (PO Box is not acceptable)
BSB number/Sort code/ABA or routing number/Bank or branch code
Swift code/BIC code
Account number (IBAN number)
Full name
Residential address (PO Box is not acceptable)
Section 3 – International Money Transfer amount
By placing a tick in this box the amount will be sent in AUD
by Bankwest. (refer clause 2 overleaf)
Do not convert
Tick if required
Currency and amount
Exchange rate
AUD equivalent
Payment message
Purpose of funds transfer (e.g. What is the receiver going to use the funds for?
If it is a gift, what is your relationship to the person receiving the gift?) (see clause 10 overleaf)
Foreign exchange reference (where applicable)
Account to debit if applicable (BWB only)
FX Booking number
(required for all values over $100k)
Foreign Currency Account (FCA) number
FEC number (Business customers only)
Date required
Value date (BWB only) – please leave blank
unless you are booking an FX deal in advance
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BWE-1150 140714 PHASE 1
Section 4 – Terms and Conditions
1. Bankwest may use other financial institutions to make the
payment to the beneficiary. Bankwest may receive a commission
from the other institutions.
2. Bankwest will complete a currency conversion prior to sending
your payment unless, for AUD, you instruct us not to by ticking
the box in Section 3 of the Application. The receiving Beneficiary
financial institution may also complete a currency conversion.
The conversion of the funds to a local or other currency at their
country of destination is subject to the banking systems of the
countries or other institutions through which the payment is
made and is therefore beyond the control of Bankwest.
Where the beneficiary account overseas is held in Australian
currency, you agree that the beneficiary financial institution may
re-convert to AUD at the prevailing currency exchange rate at
the time of receipt. If that happens, the beneficiary will receive
less than the amount that you requested Bankwest originally to
3. The time taken for a payment to reach the beneficiary account
depends on the banking systems of the countries or other
institutions through which the payment is made and it depends
on the provision of correct and complete beneficiary information.
A payment sent overseas to a major financial centre or to a
destination in North America, the United Kingdom or Western
Europe will normally be received by the beneficiary within one
week. Other overseas destinations may take much longer, and
is therefore beyond the control of Bankwest.
Bankwest Fees & Charges
4. Details of the Bankwest fees and charges that apply to the
payment are set out in the fee schedule (provided to you with
this form). Information on standard fees and charges is set out in
the document ‘Your Guide to Banking Fees’ which you can obtain
from our website, or by calling 1800 650
111. The fees charged by Bankwest do not cover any charges that
may be made by other financial institutions.
Other Financial Institutions’ Fees & Charges
5. Other Institutions may charge a fee for making the payment to
the Beneficiary. If other institutions charge a fee, they will deduct
their fee from the payment (so the beneficiary will receive a
lesser amount than your original request at Bankwest to remit).
The amount of any fees imposed by other Institutions is beyond
Bankwest’s control and subject to the rates set by those other
Institutions (which may vary between countries).
Beneficiary Account Number
6. The payment will be made to the beneficiary account number
you provide on this form. The receiving institution may not check
that the beneficiary’s name you provide on this form matches
the beneficiary account number you provide on this form. It is
therefore essential that you check that the beneficiary account
number you provide is correct. Neither Bankwest nor any other
institution is liable for any loss resulting from errors in the
beneficiary account number you provide.
to make amendments, send a trace or to recall a payment.
8. To the extent permitted by law, Bankwest will not be liable for
any loss or damage (including loss or damage arising due to
variations in foreign exchange rates) directly or indirectly
resulting from:
(a) delays in Bankwest or any other institution making
the payment;
(b) any act or omission of any other institution; or
(c) Bankwest acting on these instructions.
Bankwest’s maximum liability to you in relation to a payment,
including for any negligent act or omission of Bankwest, is the
amount of the payment.
Anti-money Laundering
9. Bankwest may delay, block, freeze or refuse to make a
payment where Bankwest has reasonable grounds to believe
that making the payment may breach Australian law or the
law of any other country.
10. You will provide any additional information Bankwest
reasonably requires to comply with Australian law or the law
of any other country.
11. In order to make this payment, personal information relating
to individuals named in this form may be processed for the
purposes of:
(a)complying with applicable laws, including without limitation
anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism laws and
regulations; and
(b)fighting crime and terrorism, including disclosure to any
government entity, regulatory authority or to any other
person we reasonably think necessary for those purposes.
This may mean that personal information will be transferred
overseas to countries that are not subject to privacy
obligations equivalent to those which apply within Australia.
You agree to the processing and transfer of your personal
information in this way and confirm you are authorised to
instruct us to process and transfer personal information
relating to other individuals named on this form.
Code of Banking Practice
12. The Code of Banking Practice (the Code) applies to this service
where you are an individual or small business (as defined
in the Code).
13. Bankwest has available general descriptive information about
its banking services including account opening procedures,
Bankwest’s obligations regarding the confidentiality of your
information, complaint handling procedures, bank cheques, the
advisability of you informing Bankwest if you are in financial
difficulty and the advisability of you reading the terms and
conditions applying to a banking service from Bankwest. This
information is set out in the document ‘Banking Services Rights
and Obligations’, which you can obtain from our website, or by calling 1800 650 111.
Making Changes to your payment
7. If you want to amend or recall a payment you have requested,
please contact the branch at which you initially requested the
payment. However, if we have already processed your payment
request, the payment cannot be recalled unless the beneficiary
first authorises their financial institution to facilitate the recall.
Please note Bankwest fees and beneficiary Bank fees will apply
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BWE-1150 140714 PHASE 1
Section 5 – Privacy Statement and Consent to Use Your Information
This Statement explains how Bankwest, Commonwealth Bank of Australia
(“CBA”) and subsidiaries of CBA (“we” or “us”) collect, use and disclose
personal information and send communications about products and services.
In some cases, these persons or organisations may disclose your personal
information for the purposes of any relationship they have with you or
performing functions in relation to you.
Personal information is information about, and which identifies an individual
(such as name and contact details). Your personal information includes
information about who you are and your interactions with us such as
transactions on your account. It may also include information about you that
is publicly available, for example from public registers or made available
through social media. When you give us personal information about another
person, you represent that you are authorised to do so and agree to inform
that person of the contents of this Statement as it relates to them.
Verifying your identity using a credit reporting body (CRB)
Purposes for which we collect and use personal information
Transfer of personal information overseas
We collect your information because we are required to identify you in
accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism
Financing Act. You are not required to provide your Tax File Number.
However, if we do not collect your Tax File Number as permitted by the
Taxation Administration Act 1953 and the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936,
we may be required to withhold amounts from you and remit them to the
Australian Taxation Office.
We also collect your personal information to assess and process an
application for any product or service that you make or for which you are a
signatory, for internal processes including risk management and pricing; to
administer our relationship with you; to meet our obligations in relation to
external payment systems, Government bodies and funding arrangements;
to identify and (unless you tell us not to) tell you about products that may
interest you, and to comply with regulatory requirements.
If you use our website or online applications we may collect information
about your location or activity (including whether you have accessed third
party sites) to customise your experience.
The information we collect about you may also include sensitive information
such as information about your health where we collect it to provide you
with a specific product or service.
Exchange of personal information
We may exchange personal information about you with: our related
bodies corporate, assignees, agents, contractors and external advisers,
organisations for verifying your identity, your agents, advisers, referees,
executors, administrators, trustees, beneficiaries (if you are a trustee),
guardians, attorneys, law enforcement, regulatory and government
bodies, anyone who introduces you to us, reward program providers,
third parties providing fraud detection services, your franchisor, payment
system operators; your and our insurers or prospective insurers and
their underwriters, any person we consider necessary to execute your
instructions; other organisations for the supply of services and (unless you
tell us not to) marketing of products; other persons where this is permitted
by law; persons with whom you make a joint application for a product
or service with us; participants in a funding scheme; and any financial
institution to or from which a payment is made in relation to any account
you have or operate.
In order to verify your identity, we may provide your name, residential
address and date of birth to a CRB, which may use that information and
corresponding information in credit information files of individuals to
prepare and provide an assessment of whether your information matches
information on a credit information file held by that CRB. You agree to us
requesting an assessment and providing your personal information for such
an assessment.
Sometimes it may be necessary to send your information overseas – for
example where we outsource functions overseas, send information to
related bodies corporate, where we need to complete a transaction on your
behalf or where this is required by laws and regulations in Australia or in
another country. These countries include New Zealand, United Kingdom
and Ireland. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
Unless you tell us not to, you consent to us using your personal information
(including information collected from others) to advertise or promote
products, services, or business or investment opportunities we think may
interest you.
You can ask us not to contact you and not to disclose your information to
others for that purpose, by calling 13 17 19.
Otherwise, you consent to us contacting you for that purpose, including by:
• contacting you by telephone or writing to you; and
• sending commercial electronic messages to any electronic address which
you provide until you withdraw your consent or unsubscribe.
Access to your personal information, contacting us and contacting you
This Statement should be read in conjunction with the Privacy Policy on our
website at or by calling 13 17 19.
You have rights to access your personal information from us, to request us
to correct the information, and to make a complaint to us about a breach of
your privacy rights in relation to the information. The Privacy Policy includes
further information about how you may do this.
By signing this statement, you agree to its terms and you consent and agree
to us collecting, using, exchanging and transferring overseas, your personal
information as described and as set out in our Privacy Policy.
If you do not provide the above consent (other than the marketing consent),
we will not be able to provide you with banking services (such as accounts).
Section 6 – Acknowledgement
By signing this application, I/We acknowledge and agree:
• I/We have read and understood the terms and conditions and Privacy Statement and Consent to Use your Information above;
• I/We confirm that all particulars and details I/We have provided to Bankwest in connection with this application, are true and correct;
• I/We authorise Bankwest to debit my/our nominated account with the total payment and the fees and charges specified in these terms
and conditions.
To the extent permitted by relevant legislation I/We agree to keep Bankwest indemnified against any claims that may be made against
Bankwest by reason of Bankwest having acted on the authority contained in this application.
Preferred contact number
Customer name/s
Customer signature 1
Customer signature 2
Bank use only
Bankwest store name (if applicable)
Store Contact phone number
Authorised officer (BWB only)
Store Contact BB number
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BWE-1150 140714 PHASE 1