Application form

Application form
Use this form to tell us:
•• if you want to join the Plan
•• if you want to contribute more to your super
•• how you would like to invest your super
•• who you want as your beneficiaries to receive your
death benefit
If you want to join another fund, complete a Standard
Choice form.
When you have joined the Plan, you can update your
details, change your contribution rate, your investment
option, and your nomination of beneficiaries on the Plan’s
website at http://mysuper.towerswatson/oracle.
Oracle Superannuation Plan
Checklist for your other super options
Do you want to take out extra insurance? Use the
My Extra Insurance form.
Do you want to roll other super into the Oracle
Superannuation Plan? Use the Rollover form.
Do you want to set up or change super/insurance
for your spouse? Use the My Spouse form.
All forms are available on the Plan’s website,
Instructions for completion
To join the Oracle Superannuation Plan, complete:
Section 1. My details – to provide us with your contact information;
Section 2. My super contributions – indicate here if you wish to make personal contributions;
Section 3.
My investment choice – you must choose how your super is to be invested or your application
for membership cannot be processed;
Section 4.
My beneficiaries – you can make either a binding or non-binding nomination for payment of your death
benefit. A binding nomination must be witnessed as explained in Section 4;
Section 5. My declaration – please sign here.
Please return your completed form to:
Oracle employees:
Oracle Financial Services Software employees:
Human Resources
Oracle Corporation Australia Pty Ltd
4 Julius Avenue
North Ryde NSW 2113
Human Resources
Oracle Financial Services Software Pte. Ltd.
Level 4, 417 St Kilda Road
Melbourne VIC 3004
1 My Details
Last name
First name
Date of birth
Work location
Employee number
Work email
Home address
Please turn over
2 My super contributions
Oracle makes compulsory contributions to super for you. You can choose to contribute more. If you do contribute more,
the amount will be deducted from your pay each pay period. Please tick or complete as required.
Yes, I want to contribute $
I wish to contribute from my
per month or % of my salary to my super.
before-tax or
after-tax pay.
No, I don’t want to contribute any extra to my super.
You can change your contribution rate at any time by completing a Super Options form – your contribution will be
deducted from your next pay after your form is processed. There are limits to the amount you can contribute and receive
concessional tax treatment. These limits are outlined in the Plan’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), available on the
3 My investment choice
You must choose how your super is invested or your application for membership cannot be processed. There is no fee
for making your initial choice. You are able to change your investment choice each month by completing a Super Options
form. For details of the current fees that apply, refer to the Plan’s PDS, available on the website.
I would like my future contributions to be invested in the following option or options:
Diversified Shares
•• Your choice must add up to 100%. Otherwise your
choice will not take effect and we will be unable to
process your application.
4 My beneficiaries
Complete this Section to tell us who should receive your death benefit. Oracle employee members can make a
binding or non-binding nomination. You can change your nomination at any time.
A binding nomination obliges the Trustee to pay your death benefit according to your stated wishes (provided that the
nomination is valid at the time of your death). Your nomination is valid for up to three years. It is your responsibility
to ensure that your nomination is kept up to date, especially if your circumstances change. Your nomination must be
witnessed by two people who are aged 18 years or over, and who are not nominated as your beneficiaries.
A non-binding nomination is used only as a guide for the Trustee, who will investigate your circumstances at the time
of your death and then decide who to pay your benefit to.
For more information on these choices, please refer to the Plan’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), available on the
Plan’s website,
My beneficiaries
Fill in the table below to nominate your beneficiaries (who must be your dependants) and the share of your benefit you
would like them to receive.
Relationship to you
Share of benefit
Names and addresses of dependants
(e.g. spouse, child)
(must total 100%)
If you need more room, please attach a separate note.
The Trustee can only pay your death benefit to one or more of:
1. Your dependants, who are:
•• Your spouse of any sex (including de facto);
•• Your children (including adopted, step or unborn children and children of your spouse);
•• Any person who is wholly or partially financially dependent on you; and
•• Any person with whom you have an interdependency relationship (for details see the Plan’s PDS);
2. Your Estate.
On this form, you can nominate your dependant(s) or your Estate. If you die with no dependants, your benefit will be paid
to your Estate.
Please turn over
My nomination
Do you want to make a non-binding or a binding nomination? Tick ONE box only to indicate your choice.
Tick this box if you want the Trustee
to use its discretion in paying your
death benefit. The Trustee will be
guided by your nomination, but not
bound by it.
ption 1: Non-binding nomination. I would like the Trustee to use
its discretion when paying my death benefit. I understand that this
nomination revokes all previous nominations I have made and the
Trustee will use my nomination as a guide. I also understand that if
I die after leaving Oracle, any death benefit will be paid to my Estate.
Tick this box if you want your
nomination to be binding on the
Trustee. The Trustee must pay your
benefit as you have shown on this
form, even if your circumstances
* Important: To complete your binding
nomination, your form must be signed
in the presence of two witnesses aged
18 or over who are not nominated
as beneficiaries.
ddmm yyyy
Option 2: Binding nomination. I want the Trustee to be bound by my
I understand that:
•• This nomination will no longer have effect:
– after three years; or
– when I am no longer employed by Oracle or I leave the Plan;
•• If my nomination is no longer valid, the Trustee will determine who
receives my death benefit;
•• If I leave Oracle and subsequently die while a Retained Benefit member,
any death benefit will be paid to my Estate; and
•• I may at any time cancel or change my nomination in accordance with the
Plan’s procedures.
I acknowledge receipt of the Plan’s PDS which explains the benefits provided
by the Plan.
ddmm yyyy
Witness Declaration
By signing below you also make the declarations to the left.
As a witness, I declare that:
Witness 1
Full name
Date of birth
•• This form was signed and dated
by the member described in
Section 1 in my presence;
•• I am at least 18 years old; and
ddmm yyyy
•• I am not a beneficiary of this benefit.
Witness 2
Full name
ddmm yyyy
Date of birth
ddmm yyyy
ddmm yyyy
5 My declaration
I wish to join the Oracle Superannuation Plan, which is a Choice Product.
I have received and understood the Product Disclosure Statement. I agree to be bound by the Trust Deed and Rules
of the Plan.
I understand that if I am not joining the Plan when I am first eligible (i.e. on commencing employment with Oracle
Australia or Oracle Financial Services Software), I will not automatically receive standard insurance cover. I will need
to provide health evidence that is acceptable to the insurer before I will receive any standard insurance cover. I also
understand that for any Total and Permanent Disablement cover to commence, I must have been able to perform all my
usual duties and hours of work and must not have been in receipt of or entitled to receive any income support benefits or
disability income benefits from any source. I will contact the Plan Administrator if either of these situations apply to me.
I understand that my insurance cover will not start until I have been advised in writing that it has been approved by
the insurer.
I understand that if I exercise choice of fund at a future date, i.e. I choose to have my Company Superannuation
Guarantee contributions paid to another superannuation fund, my insurance cover will cease with effect from that date.
I have read and understood the Privacy Policy for the Plan. I agree to the collection and use of my personal information
as disclosed therein.
I understand that there is no guarantee that my chosen investment option’s objectives will be met. The Trustee does not
guarantee the investment returns of any investment option. Investment returns may be positive or negative.
This instruction remains effective until I give further notice.
If I have provided my email address on page 1, I agree that the Trustee may use that email address to send me information
including Product Disclosure Statements, Benefit Statements, Exit Statements, Annual Reports, newsletters or information
on material changes to my super or significant events, electronically.
I understand that to change my choices I need to complete and return a Super Options form or change my choices online.
I confirm that the information in this form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
ddmm yyyy
For company use only (for new members)
Tax File Number
Super salary
Australian citizen or permanent resident Yes/No (please circle)
Category (please circle)
1. Full-time and permanent part-time. Working at least 15hrs per week.
2. Permanent part-time. Working less than 15hrs per week.
3. Non-permanent employee.
Authorised signatory
ddmm yyyy
Issued by Towers Watson Superannuation Pty Ltd (ABN 56 098 527 256, AFSL 236 049), as Trustee for the Oracle Superannuation Plan (ABN 17 608 890 083). March 2015