Specialty Research Project (SRP) Request Form

Specialty Research Project (SRP) Request Form
The first step in writing an SRP is submitting a written proposal to the appropriate Program Coordinator for approval.
Please see the RD 809 SRP Course Syllabus for full details. Proposals are due by November 1 prior to the year of
graduation. Students will have a maximum of one year to complete the SRP from the point of approval of the project,
but it must be completed by March 1 if planning to graduate that year.
Upon approval of the proposal, the student must submit this SPR Request Form to the Academic Services office.
Section A – To be completed by student.
Return this document to Academic Services after approval has been granted.
Title of proposal:
Proposal submitted (date):
Term to be registered:
Student Signature:
Section B – Academic Program Approval
Please note: This document will be returned to the Program Coordinator after the student has been registered for the SRP so that if
any required revisions are necessary, these can be recorded. After the final grade has been assigned, record the grade on this
document and return it to Academic Services for processing.
Program Coordinator Signature:
Dean of the Seminary Signature:
Research Ethics Board (if required): Email attachment from REB also accepted in lieu of signature
Start Date:
Final Grade:
End Date:
Revisions required (please specify):
Revisions approved:
□ SRP Registered: _____ (initials) ________ (date) □ Scanned to student file: _____ (initials) ________ (date)
□ Final Grade Posted: _____ (initials) ________ (date) □ Payment requisitioned for faculty: _____ (initials) ________ (date)
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