PILP Fellowship Letter of Reference Form Instructions

PILP Fellowship Letter of Reference Form Instructions
To the Applicant:
Complete the top portion of the Letter of Reference form to include the name, title and contact
information of the individual who will be writing this recommendation, as well as indicating your name.
Indicate whether you waive or do not waive your right to see this Letter of Reference. If you do not
waive your right to see this letter, it may be disclosed to you upon request only after the close of the
competition. If you do not indicate any choice to waive or not waive your right, you will not be allowed
to see this Letter of Reference. Please be sure to sign the form with a handwritten signature where
noted before giving it to the referee (the Letter of Reference author).
Select professional and academic contacts for your Letters of Reference: Current or former
employers, professors, clients or colleagues who have direct knowledge of your professional
competencies and/or community service activities. Character references, or letters from friends or
family members, are not acceptable and will be rejected. Letters must have been written
specifically for your PILP application and not for generic purposes.
Give this instruction sheet and Letter of Reference form to your referee. If you choose to email this
form to your referee, please send a scanned copy that contains all of the required information at the
top half of the form, including your handwritten signature.
Non-English reference letters must not be translated by the applicant. Please instruct your referee to
have a third party translate the letter to English, and to have the person translating their comments
include their name, occupational title, affiliation and contact information. The original non-English
document should be included with the translated Letter of Reference as well.
Applicants are not permitted to submit Letters of Reference via email – only the reference authors may
submit electronic copies of the completed Letters of Reference.
To the Recommender:
You have been asked to provide a Letter of Reference that will assist the East-West Center selection
committee in validating this applicant’s qualifications for the 2015 Pacific Islands Leadership Program
with Taiwan Fellowship (PILP). Please make sure to provide a handwritten signature and affix your
business card to the enclosed forms where indicated.
You may return the completed Letter of Reference in one of three ways:
1) Post it directly to the East-West Center at the address indicated on the form below; or
2) Seal the completed forms in an envelope [with your signature across the sealed flap] and provide
this to the applicant for enclosure with their completed application materials; or
3) Email a scanned PDF of the completed forms to [email protected] with “Letter of
Reference: Name of Applicant” in the subject line of the message.
Regardless of the submission method selected [see above], a Letter of Reference is not considered
complete unless it includes handwritten signatures and your business card.
Applicants are not permitted to submit Letters of Reference via email under any circumstance, as we
are unable to verify authenticity. Unsealed Letters of Reference are also unacceptable.
Letters must be received by February 1
The applicant below is applying for admission to the East-West Center’s Pacific Islands Leadership Program (www.eastwestcenter.org/pilp), and has asked
that you provide a letter of reference. We appreciate your time and effort in supplying this additional background information. This letter of reference will only
be considered as part of an application to the PILP. The East-West Center strengthens understanding and relations between the peoples of the United States,
Asia and the Pacific through cooperative study, training and research. Please attach your business card and return this letter of reference directly to:
Award Services/PILP, East-West Center, 1601 East-West Road, Room 2066, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96848-1601, USA. Thank you for your assistance.
Name and Title of Person Writing Recommendation
Email Address
Name of Applicant
TO THE APPLICANT: Confidentiality of Participant Records
Under East-West Center policy, this letter may be viewed by you unless you waive your right to see it or the person writing this letter wishes it to be held in
confidence (#9). In the event you do not waive your right to see this letter but the referee indicates in item #9 that he/she wishes the letter to be held in
confidence, the referee's preference will take precedence.
I waive my right to see this letter of reference
I do not waive my right to see this letter of reference
Signature of Applicant
Please rate the applicant in terms of each of the following:
Leadership Qualities
Written Expression
Oral Expression
English language ease (if not native speaker of English)
Analytical Skills
Career Potential
Work Ethic
Consideration/Concern/Care for Others
Motivation to Pursue International Education
Ability to Work Collaboratively
Cross-Cultural Experience & Sensitivity
Capacity for Change
Unable to Judge
Below Average
How well and in what capacity do you know the applicant?
Above Average
How long have you known the applicant?
Well Above Average
Please respond to the questions below. Additional comments may be provided on separate letterhead.
Of similar applicants for advanced professional training in a leadership program that you have known, where would you rank this candidate in terms of
overall capacity? (check one only)
Top 2%
Top 5%
Top 10%
Top 20%
What are the applicant's special professional/academic strengths and weaknesses?
To your knowledge, what has been this individual's greatest achievement (personal, professional, academic, community)?
Please provide any additional comments that you deem relevant regarding the applicant. If helpful, please attach a letter of reference.
Do you recommend the applicant for an East-West Center fellowship to pursue this program of study?
Recommend highly
Do not recommend
Insufficient basis for making recommendation
Recommend with reservations
Please check one:
I have no objection to disclosing this letter of reference to the applicant if he/she requests
(Request to see this letter will be accommodated only after the close of the competition.)
I do not want this letter of reference to be disclosed to the applicant.
Reference Writer:
Please affix your business card here:
Print name
* Please sign this form with a HANDWRITTEN signature and attach or enclose your business card. *
Return this form/attached letter of reference directly to:
Award Services/PILP, East-West Center, 1601 East-West Road, Room 2066, Honolulu, HI 96848-1601, USA
Thank you for your assistance.