CIMA examinations 24 February – 28 February Exam Entry Form

CIMA examinations 24 February – 28 February
Exam Entry Form
To enter any of the CIMA examinations offered on PC (E3, P3, F3 strategic level exams and T4 Case
Study) or on paper (E1, F1, P1, P2, E2 and F2) on the 24 February – 28 February please complete all
details requested on this form and email it to your tuition provider by the 21 January 2014
Only Strategic level and T4 Case Study exams will be offered outside the UK
The Exam Entry fee of £142 per paper for Operational and Managerial levels, £157 per paper for Strategic
levels and £165 for T4 Case Study must be paid to CIMA by 7 February 2014 via your My CIMA account.
CIMA will apply a charge of the above specified amount to your CIMA account approximately 1 week after the
entry deadline.
To make payment, sign in to My CIMA and select ‘My Financials’ then ‘Settle my account’.
If you fail to make the payment by the deadline date CIMA will you charge an administration fee of £66
and you will be removed from the exam. Re-entry will not be permitted.
(Please enter data in the shaded blocks below)
Contact ID:
Date of Birth:
All contact details will be taken from your CIMA account so please ensure that your details are up to date by signing in to
My CIMA and clicking ‘My Details’
Paper/s required (P1, P2, E1,E2, E3, P3, F1,F2, F3, T4):
Exam Centre Choice:
(for example BPP Southampton, Kaplan Financial Birmingham)
Please complete all the requested details on this form and return it to your tuition provider no later
than 21 January 2014
You should receive a confirmation email by the 31 Jan 2014. If you have not received an email by this
date, please contact your tuition provider immediately.
Please note CIMA do not accept cancellations or postponements of exams or give refunds on fees
By entering the exam you are agreeing to CIMA’s exam rules. Please see the website for details.
Contact Info:
Exam Logistics Team, CIMA, 26 Chapter St, London, SW1P 4NP.
Date of Birth:
Contact Number:
BPP student number:
For all students booking onto T4 please complete section A for all other CIMA papers please complete Section B
Course Type e.g. Weekend/Day
Location e.g. Manchester/London
Course Type:
Start date
Course Fee:
Please ensure that VAT is included
Location /Distance Learning
Start date
Online Resit Courses:
Operational- £69.00
Management- £79.00
Strategic- £99.00
PC Question Day
(Strategic papers only): £155.00
Exam only Fee:£50
Sponsoring Employer’s Details
Company: _______________________________________________ Post Code:
Address: ______________________________________________________
_____________________________________________ Training Managers Name:_____________________
Training Managers Signature: _________________ PO Number: _________________________
If your company use Purchase Orders You MUST PROVIDE ONE. Without one we can’t complete your Order and your space will
not be allocated.
Self Sponsored Student
Card Number: ______________________________________________________
Expiry date: ______________
Issue Number: ______(Switch/solo only)
Valid from Date: __________
Security Code: ____________
This application does not guarantee your exam place.
Please ensure you return both the BPP course form and CIMA exam entry form together as this
will speed up the process of confirming your exam entry.