Get To Know Me Form

The Almost World Famous
“Get To Know Me”
Form – Side A
Please take a few minutes with your child to complete this form. The information you provide is
released only to your child’s counselors. This information will help the counselors provide the
best possible experience for your child. Thank you for your time!
Section 1 – To be completed by Parent/Guardian
Camper’s Name:
1. Is this your child’s first experience away from home overnight?
2. Is this your child’s first camp experience at Dogwood Acres?
If yes, Has your child ever attended overnight camp elsewhere?
Please provide your child’s
event number in the space
below. You can find the
event number on the
“Enrollment Confirmation”
page, for example:
Week 1 - Event DC1 - Discovery
If no, how many summers has your child attended Dogwood Acres? _____
Event # ________
3. Is your camper prone to homesickness?
If so, are there any tips or suggestions that have been helpful for your camper in the past?
4. Have there been any life changing events in the past year? (This might include parents’ divorce, loss of a family
member, friend or pet, change of household, etc.)
5. What would you like your child to gain from the camp experience?
6. Please indicate anything you believe would help us to provide a richer experience for your child — be specific and
include areas in which you wish to see your child improve or grow (e.g. tolerance of others, responsibility, faith)
7. What is the most important thing we could do for you and your child while he or she is at camp?
8. Does your child have any health-related dietary needs?
Please bring this form with you to check-in day.
The Almost World Famous
“Get To Know Me”
Form – Side B
Please take a few minutes to tell us about yourself. The information you provide will help your
counselors get to know you a little better right from the start. Thanks!
Section 2 – To be filled out by camper
Your Name: ______________________________________________________
Nickname: _________________
Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Birthdate: ________________ Age: _______
Church Attendance:
_____ Regular
Gender: Male / Female
_____ Often
Grade entering in Fall: _________
______ Occasional
______ Never
My hobbies and interests are: ____________________________________________________________________
My favorite subjects and activities in school are: ______________________________________________________
Some of the things I like to do at home are: _________________________________________________________
Something I don’t like doing at home is: ____________________________________________________________
I have earned money this past year by: _____________________________________________________________
I am coming to Dogwood Acres because ________________________________________________________
I am a little anxious about _______________________________________________________________________
The most important thing my counselors should know about me is _______________________________________
While at camp I agree to abide by the camp’s policies, standards, and expectations, which include: being an active
part of the camp community; participating to the best of my ability; accepting other campers and staff for who they
are; treating other campers and staff in a friendly manner with respect; and seeking help from my counselors when I
need it. I agree to not possess or use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, weapons, nor fireworks during camp. I also agree that I
will not engage in violent behavior, commit pranks, steal things, damage camp property or use inappropriate
language. I realize that if I choose to violate the camp policies I may be sent home early at my parents expense.
Camper’s Signature X ______________________________________________ Date _______________________