The Friendship Connection, Inc. Flight Deviation Form: Summer

The Friendship Connection, Inc.
Flight Deviation Form: Summer 2016
(Please submit requests before March 10th)
I,______________________, allow my child,_________________________________, to extend his/her stay in
(Full name of child)
Germany past the 4 week exchange program dates. (June 14th – July 12th OR June 21st – July 19th)
Please read and initial the following statements:
_______ I understand that The Friendship Connection, Inc. will not be responsible for my child after the
(initials) official program has come to an end.
Please give a description of what your child will be doing after the exchange program is over and list the
responsible party:
Plans after the exchange program: ______________________________________________________
Name(s) of person(s) responsible for my child:____________________________________________
Email address:_______________________________________________________________________
________ I understand that that I will be responsible for purchasing my child's airfare
(initials) TO and FROM Germany and would only owe The Friendship Connection, Inc. a total of
$250 to cover the illness/injury insurance and all administrative fees.
________ I understand that The Friendship Connection, Inc. cannot provide adult supervision for
(initials) individuals not traveling on the American Airlines group flights, however, if I wish to
book the same outbound flights as the group, the chaperons will include my child in their group.
Please mark one of the following:
_______ I will book my child on the same American Airlines outbound flights as
The Friendship Connection Inc. group flights and I request the outbound flight information.
_______ I will book my child on a different airline other than American Airlines.
_______ I understand that the illness/injury insurance that Friendship Connection provides for all
(initials) participants would only be in effect during my child’s official 28 day exchange program
experience. After the last official day of the exchange program, the insurance we provide will no
longer be in effect; therefore, parents are responsible for alerting their own family insurance
company about their child's oversees travel to make sure their child would be covered for any days
beyond the official 28 day insurance policy that Friendship Connection provides.
Guidelines and responsibilities when purchasing your child’s airfare:
1. He/She MUST fly into Frankfurt where all of our German hosting families are expecting to pick up
their American partners. If your child’s extended travel plans involve another airport, that is absolutely
fine as long as it does not affect the German host family initially picking up your child in Frankfurt.
2. He/She MUST depart the U.S. on June 14th or June 21st. If you have a scheduling conflict, please
call The Friendship Connection to discuss the situation before purchasing your child’s airfare.
3. The Friendship Connection, Inc. MUST receive a copy of the finalized flight itinerary, either a
printed version attached to this form, or, if you are purchasing the airfare at a later date, an emailed
version sent to: [email protected]
4. It is the American parent’s responsibility to communicate with the German host parents about
their child’s summer flights. (Do not leave this up to the participants!) The Friendship Connection,
Inc. can only be responsible for communicating group information and cannot be responsible for any
information about individual deviations to the group.
As the parent/guardian of a participant on The Friendship Connection, Inc., I acknowledge that I have
read and understand the guidelines and responsibilities of purchasing my child’s airfare for the summer
exchange program.
Parent/Guardian Signature
Please mail this form and flight itinerary to:
The Friendship Connection, Inc.
PO Box 312
Twinsburg, OH 44087
Or scan and email the form and flight itinerary to:
[email protected]
Please call if you have any questions about this form or about purchasing your child’s airfare:
Office: 330-405-3585
Cell: 330-618-6127