Standard choice form Your super, your money, your future

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Standard choice form
Your super, your money, your future
To assist you in saving for retirement, your employer has chosen VicSuper as their employer fund. This means your employer will pay the
compulsory Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions they make on your behalf into VicSuper FutureSaver unless you nominate
another super fund.
Benefits of choosing VicSuper
How to complete the form
Low fee structure
Selecting VicSuper FutureSaver
VicSuper FutureSaver has a low fee structure. There are no fees
charged on entry or exit, to contribute, roll over or withdraw
funds, or to change your investment strategy.
If you would like your employer to pay your super into VicSuper:
• Go to Section A of the form and place a cross in the third box
in Step 1
• Complete Step 2 and sign the form at Step 5
• Return the form to your employer, not VicSuper.
Simple investment choice
VicSuper FutureSaver provides a range of investment options,
covering the varying levels of risk and expected investment return
that people seek for their super savings.
Competitive, comprehensive insurance cover
If you joined VicSuper through your employer, within 6 months
of commencement with that employer, you will generally receive
automatic death, total and permanent disablement and income
protection cover when you join (age limits and conditions apply).
If you completed an application form to join VicSuper FutureSaver,
you will not receive automatic insurance cover. You have the option
to apply for death, total and permanent disablement and income
protection insurance.
Expert help and advice
We’re here to help you feel comfortable making decisions about
your super savings and offer tools and advice to understand
superannuation and your retirement planning.
We believe that sustainability and superannuation are a perfect fit.
Both are about big picture thinking and the long term. VicSuper
has a long and demonstrated committment to the integration of
sustainability into our business. This means that we consider
environmental, social and governance factors in our key business
decisions. We believe this approach helps us to effectively identify
and manage our business risks, be strategic in our approach and
prepare for what the future holds.
If you are currently not a member, your employer will register you
as a new member. You will then receive a welcome pack in the
mail or email that includes all the information you need about
your VicSuper account.
If you are currently a member, you will need to notify your
employer of your member number so they can continue to make
contributions into the account.
Selecting your own fund
To nominate another fund, go to Section A of the form and place
a cross in either the first or second box in Step 1. Complete
respective steps and return the form to your employer.
Need more information?
If you would like more information about VicSuper FutureSaver,
please call a VicSuper account consultant on 1300 878 737 for a no
obligation discussion about your super.
Compare us
If you’re still unsure about choosing VicSuper, why not compare us?
See how we measure up against over 150 other super funds.
Visit to see how we compare.
Our awards
SuperRatings does not 2015
issue, sell, guarantee or underwrite this
product. Go to for details of its
ratings criteria.
This form does not take into account your financial situation, objectives or needs. VicSuper recommends you seek professional advice for your own circumstances. It is
important that you read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement. You can contact VicSuper to make an appointment to see one of our VicSuper representatives. VicSuper Pty
Ltd ABN 69 087 619 412 (“VicSuper”) is the Trustee of VicSuper Fund ABN 85 977 964 496. The Trustee holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL 237333) under
the Corporations Act 2001 (Cwlth) and a RSE Licence under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (Cwlth). Under its AFSL, VicSuper is licensed to deal in, and
provide financial product advice on superannuation products. At present, VicSuper representatives are limited to providing financial product advice on VicSuper products; ESSSuper
- Revised, New, SERB and Transport Schemes; providing advice on whether a member should consolidate or roll over their superannuation holdings (excluding personal advice on
self-managed superannuation funds) into VicSuper; and general superannuation matters.
V631B 12/14 P1
Standard choice form
For use by employers when offering employees a choice of fund
and by employees to advise their employer of their chosen fund.
Section A: Employee to complete
Choice of superannuation (super) fund
I request that all my future super contributions be paid to: (place an X in one of the boxes below)
The APRA fund or retirement savings account (RSA) I nominate
Complete items 2, 3 and 5
The self‑managed super fund (SMSF) I nominate
Complete items 2, 4 and 5
The super fund nominated by my employer (in section B)
Complete items 2 and 5
Your details
Employee identification number (if applicable)
Tax file number (TFN)
You do not have to quote your TFN but if you do not provide it, your contributions may be taxed at a higher rate.
Your TFN also helps you keep track of your super and allows you to make personal contributions to your fund.
Nominating your APRA fund or RSA
You will need current details from your APRA regulated fund or RSA to complete this item.
Fund ABN
Fund name
Fund address
Fund phone
Unique superannuation identifier (USI)
Your account name (if applicable)
Your member number (if applicable)
Required documentation
You need to attach a letter from your fund stating that they are a complying fund and that they will accept contributions from
your employer. Correct information about your super fund is needed for your employer to pay super contributions.
NAT 13080‑08.2014
Sensitive (when completed)
Page 1
Nominating your self-managed super fund (SMSF)
You will need current details from your SMSF trustee to complete this item.
Fund ABN
Fund name
Fund address
Fund phone
Fund electronic service address (ESA)
Fund bank account
BSB code (please include all six numbers)
Account number
Required documentation
You need to attach a document confirming the SMSF is an ATO regulated super fund. You can locate and print a copy of
the compliance status for your SMSF by searching using the ABN or fund name in the Super Fund Lookup service at
If you are the trustee, or a director of the corporate trustee you can confirm that your SMSF will accept contributions from
your employer by making the following declaration (place an ‘X’ in the box below):
I am the trustee, or a director of the corporate trustee of the SMSF and I declare that the SMSF will accept contributions
from my employer.
If you are not the trustee, or a director of the corporate trustee of the SMSF, then you must attach a letter from the trustee
confirming that the fund will accept contributions from your employer.
Signature and date
If you have nominated your own fund in Item 3 or 4, check that you have attached the required documentation and
then place an ‘X’ in the box below.
I have attached the relevant documentation.
Return the completed form to your employer as soon as possible.
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Reset form
Sensitive (when completed)
Section B: Employer to complete
You must complete this section before giving the form to an employee who is eligible to choose the super fund into which you
pay their super contributions.
Sign and date the form when you give it to your employee.
Your details
Business name
Your nominated super fund
If the employee does not choose their own super fund, you are required to pay super contributions on their behalf to the fund
that you have nominated below:
Super fund name VicSuper FutureSaver
Unique superannuation identifier (USI)
8 5 9 7 7 9 6 4 4 9 6 0 0 1
Phone (for the product disclosure statement for this fund)
1 3 0 0 3 6 6 2 1 6
Super fund website address
Section C: Employer to complete
Complete this section when your employee returns the form to you with section A completed.
Record of choice acceptance
In the two months after you receive the form from your employee you can make super contributions to either the fund you
nominated or the fund the employee nominated. After the two‑month period you must make payments to the fund chosen
by the employee.
If you don’t meet your obligations, including paying your employee superannuation contributions to the correct fund,
you may face penalties.
Date employee’s choice
is received
Date you act on your
employee’s choice
Employers must keep the completed form for their own record for five years. Do not send it to the Australian
Taxation Office, the employer’s nominated fund or the employee’s nominated fund.
The ATO does not collect this information; we provide this form as a means for employees to identify and provide necessary
information to their employer. An employer is authorised to collect an employee’s TFN under the Superannuation Industry
(Supervision) Act 1993. It is not an offence for an employee not to quote their TFN. However, quoting a TFN reduces the
risk of administrative errors and if the employee does not quote their TFN their contributions may be taxed at a higher rate.
An employee can get more details regarding their privacy rights by contacting their superannuation fund.
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