ElectronicPDF - Tablet PDF Form Applications Review

ElectronicPDF - Tablet PDF Form Applications Review
PDF Expert for iPad: PDF Expert by Readdle is the best application for handling interactive PDF forms presently on the
market for the iPad. Forms can be easily filled in and data saved - users can sign document on tablet screen with
signature window. App supports the Global Binding feature, which allows user to type in information in text cell and
automatically have it fill in cells that have been set up. Once user has finished filling in and signing form, they can flatten
the document preventing it from being altered in the future.
One problem that we encountered with PDF Expert is that it does not support the pdf text field locking feature which
limits the text to the visible field. This app allows you to continue entering information and when you exit the cell, your
text will be cut off. Readdle is aware of this and hopefully will address issue in future updates.
EZ Reader PDF Pro for iPad: We have not tested this app by Unidocs on iPad - see our review for this app on Android
tablets - very powerful, but with some quirky attributes.
RepliGo Reader for Android: This app by Cerience handles PDF forms very well. However, it does not support global
binding nor tabbing feature that are incorporated into pdf forms. Text cell locking is supported - you cannot enter more
information than visible cell. Documents can be signed on tablet screen using the freehand tool and can be resized and
positioned properly within document. App does lack the ability to flatten the document and / or signature which
hopefully they will incorporate in the near future. Overall the app works well but could use improvement, especially when
compared to PDF Expert.
EZ PDF Reader Pro for Android: Very powerful app by Unidocs [S Korea] - does take some getting used to. Easily
handles pdf form entries - does not support text field locking nor tabbing, which is a disappointment. App supports the
flattening of both the document and signature, which eliminates any ability to change form contents - a plus! This app
allows you to insert images directly into your document - if you need this ability, this is the app to use.
As powerful as this app is, there are quirks to be aware of: 1. If document is not flattened and e-mailed as an
attachment, the recipient will be prompted to install the Adobe Korean font pact - once font pact is installed and
document is opened in Reader, text boxes that have been filled in will be empty - signature and / or pictures will show! 2.
Flattening the document will allow the recipient to open the form and view it properly - no Korean font pact needed. 3.
If you add annotations, flatten your document, the recipient will still be prompted to install the the Korean font pact to
fully view your text entries + annotations [When you do not install font pact, then annotations added will not show]. If
your work requires adding images, then this is the app to use - just be aware of how to handle forms once finished.
This app is also available for the iPad and is the only app we have found that is available for both Android and iPads. We
have not test this on an iPad, but suspect the same quirks will be there.
ElectronicPDF - Adding Scanned Signature Image File In Adobe Reader
Step 1: Sign a clean white sheet of paper - using your scanner, scan the signature at 600 DPI, if possible. Once scanned,
save your file as a pdf to a location that is easily remembered - suggest the folder with the original PDF file.
Step 2: Open your PDF file that has a signature block - click on this signature block and Add Digital ID window will open.
Step 3: Click the Add new digital ID I want to create now, then click Next - in the new window, leave the New PKCS#12
Step 4: In the new window you will enter your Name + e-mail address. Optional is Organizational info - the
Country/Region should be set to your location [US - United States] Once done, click Next.
Step 5: In this window you will add your password - this is required for Digital ID - please write it down. Once done,
click the Finish button - your text digital id has been set and the new signature window will pop up - scanned image is
not included at this point.
Step 6: In this new Sign Document window, you will need to enter the password. Now click the Appearance arrow click the create new appearance in this window.
Step 7: In the new window that opens, you will need to enter a title for your scanned pdf signature. At the bottom of
window there are check boxes as to other information that will be included - uncheck all that you do not want to include.
Step 8: Now click on the Import Graphic - then click on the File button. In the new Select Picture window, you will
need to click on the Browse button and find your scanned pdf signature image file - highlight file, then OK and it will
now show in the Sample window [Only pdf files will show in Reader]. Now click OK and your new scanned signature will
show in your appearance window from now on for this ID. Click OK to add your scanned signature.
Step 9: Once you have signed your document, you must save it as a different file name in the save window that popped
up. Once you have entered the new file name and saved it, your signature and all entered information will now show in
this new file. Note: Adobe Reader Rights must be enabled on form to be signed for this to work!
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