Life Event Change Form

Life Event Change Form
This form is only to begin the process of making changes to your current lease with SunPower; this form
does not constitute an update to your account or a completion of the process you request.
Today’s Date:
To be completed by Lessee / Lessee’s Agent during life event.
Email Back to [email protected] or fax to 512-684-0288.
Please complete all sections required for your life event change
Select One:
Military Relocation for Service (provide copies of orders)
Retained the home with solar system after divorce
The lessee has passed away and I want to update the contact information
I would like to remove my co-borrow for reasons other than divorce
Lease Number:
Estimated date of Change:
Address of Solar System:
Current Lessee’s (Seller) Legal Name:
Lessee’s Email:
Lessee’s Phone Number:
New Lessee’s (buyer )Legal Name:
New Lessee’s Email:
New Lessee’s Contact Phone Number:
Other information SunPower
needs to know about this change: