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Digital Commons IR Setup Form
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Digital Commons IR Setup Form
Version: July 2016
Available at
Welcome to bepress Digital Commons!
The following form will help guide the setup and design of your new institutional repository. Please
review it with your IR team. When you're ready to get started with the process, contact Consulting
Services to arrange a design tour, then complete the form and return it to us!
Our Consulting Services team is here to advise you and to answer any questions you might have about
your new Digital Commons repository. Don't hesitate to email us at [email protected] or phone
us weekdays at 510-665-1200, option 2, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific time.
Before You Begin
Read the DC Design Customization Guide available at: The guide contains important information about
the repository design process and specific requirements.
Review existing Digital Commons repositories at: Here you'll find links to other subscriber
repositories and inspiration for your own design.
Gather your team! While the institutional repository often finds a natural home in the university library,
many key decision makers from around campus might be involved at the beginning. Include members
of your IT and marketing and communication departments who can assist with setup and design.
Arrange a Design Tour. When you're ready to fill out the form, Consulting Services will lead your team
through a virtual design tour of some existing Digital Commons repositories and will provide advice
regarding your unique implementation.
Basic Repository Setup
Please provide the details below regarding basic repository settings and contacts. If you would like to
include further information, please use the “Additional Notes” section at the end of this form.
General Information
Institution Name:
Desired Repository Name:
Desired Repository URL:
Desired Launch Date:
Digital Commons IR Setup Form
Primary Contact Name:
You may leave this field blank, unless
someone other than the IR administrator
will be overseeing the initial design process.
Primary Contact Email:
Primary Contact Phone:
Repository Administrator Name:
Repository Administrator Email:
Repository Administrator Phone:
IT Contact Name:
Required only for a one-time DNS setup, and
optional SSL setup (see below).
IT Contact Email:
IT Phone:
Does your institution use OpenURL?
Additional information can be found at:
 Yes
 No
 Yes
 No
Link Resolver URL:
IP Range:
SSL Encryption
Would you like to enable SSL for
repository login and account pages?
If yes, we will provide your IT contact with
details needed to complete SSL setup.
Digital Commons IR Setup Form
Institutional Repository Design
Each Digital Commons repository is provided with a custom design in order to achieve a unique look
that fits your branding needs. Please read over the information below and complete the design
questions so we may begin the process of creating your repository. You will have the opportunity to
assemble your team for a virtual design tour before filling out and submitting this form.
If questions arise at any other time, feel free to contact Consulting Services at [email protected]
or weekdays at 510-665-1200, option 2, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pacific time.
Design Process Overview
We will provide up to three iterations to deliver a polished, professional repository design:
First iteration: Consulting Services works with the design and technical teams at bepress to
create a mock-up image based on the information you provide with this form. The design team
may ask for additional information before preparing the first iteration.
Second iteration: Once you receive your first mock-up, you may want to make changes or
provide feedback to hone the design. The design team will incorporate these requests into the
second mock-up.
Third iteration: If further changes are necessary, you may request a third iteration. Once this is
complete, you may choose from any of the iterations for your final design.
Approved design: When you approve the design, it is considered finalized and applied to a
demo site. Changes requested after the finalized design may incur fees and/or delay the
launch of your repository. If you have questions about this, please don’t hesitate to contact
Consulting Services.
Design Options
Please choose one:
 1. A design based on your institution’s website
We will use your institution’s site as a guide for the design of your institutional repository.
 2. A unique design distinct from your institutional branding
We can generate a design using one of the following sources. Please specify your preferred
source for the design below:
 a. The design of another site: http://_______________________________________
 b. A mock-up you have created with the DC Photoshop template (available from
Consulting Services upon request).
 c. Attached images and any design notes you’ve included at the bottom of this form.
Digital Commons IR Setup Form
Site Layout and Typography
Preferred site layout:
(select one)
Navigation Tabs *
(select one)
 Left-aligned
 Above header
 Right-aligned
 Below header
* Navigation tabs are the Home, About, FAQ, My Account tabs in the upper corner of most DC sites.
Preferred site typography:
When designing your site, we will use web-safe typefaces that complement your site. If you
have any specifications, please list them below.
For more information on site typography, please see the Customization Guide.
Logo and Images
Please include any logos or other graphics when returning the setup form, or indicate here if there is
another location where we may retrieve the file(s).
Logos/images URL:______________________________________________________
If you’ve included images, please note where you’d like them to appear in the design:
Notes: 1) Please make sure that your logos and images are properly licensed for use with your
design. 2) While we can accommodate a range of file types, high resolution (minimum 72 dpi) images
in .jpg, .png, or .gif format are preferred, as are logos in .eps format. 3) We will incorporate your
images in the design, but aren’t able to provide or create them for you.
Creating a mock-up or header banner:
Please request the DC Photoshop template from Consulting Services if you are planning to supply
your own mock-up.
Digital Commons IR Setup Form
You can provide a header banner as an image file, but please do not compress it for the web. The
banner width should be exactly 980 pixels, and the recommended height is 125 pixels. Our design
team may need to make some alterations to your design to work within our template parameters.
For complete guidelines, please refer to the Customization Guide.
Additional Notes
Please let us know here if you have any special requests. If you are electing to have our design team
create a custom design, please provide as much specific detail about your vision as possible, especially
any color preferences.