EZ-Backup Subscription Form (# 85) IT---_ _ _ _ _ _ _--

EZ-Backup Subscription Form (# 85)
To register for CIT’s EZ-Backup service, or to change or cancel your current registration service, complete and sign the
appropriate sections below. Mail or submit the form in person to the EZ-Backup Team, IT Service Desk, 120 Maple
Ave., Room G32. Refer to notes on other side for help in filling out this form.
 NEW subscription
Complete all items.
(Items 2-5 are optional
for a KFS Account String
that has already been
used for billing by the
EZ-Backup service.)
CHANGE information for an existing subscription (select
 KFS Account String - Identify existing KFS Account String
(item 1), and specify any info to change (items 2-5).
 Node Name - Identify existing Node Name (item 7a), and
specify any info to change (items 1, 7-11).
If you change item 1, complete 2-6 also.
 CANCEL subscription
(Complete items 2-4, 7a)
Note: All backup and archive
data will be deleted!!!!
Date Effective
Billing Information (items 2-6 are associated with the KFS Account String (item 1):
1. KFS Account String: (* denotes a required entry)
IT---_ _ _ _ _ _ _---_ _ _ _ _---6601---_ _ _---_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _---_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
2. Billing Contact Name:
*Object Code
(Unit Financial Representative)
Project Code
Org Ref Id
3. Campus Phone #:
4. Campus Mailing Address:
5. Billing Summary Report:
 Please send a monthly billing report via email to
(Email address(es))
6. Authorization for Payment:
I authorize CIT to charge the above account.
(Authorized Financial Representative’s Signature)
Technical Information (Please contact your local technical support group/person for assistance with items 7-­‐‑11)
7. Node Name Information:
a. EZ-Backup Node Name
(see notes on back for valid formats)
b. Operating
c. Initial (temp.)
8. Technical Contact Name:
10. Email:
d. Auto
e. Backup notify email address(es)
9. Campus Phone #:
11. Campus Mail Address:
If you wish to register more than one computer (all with the same Technical Contact), please attach form #86.
12. Agreement to Terms and Conditions:
I have read the EZ-Backup Terms and Conditions on the reverse side of this form and I agree to them.
For documentation and software, visit our web site at ezbackup.cornell.edu
CIT Use Only:
EZ-Backup Terms and Conditions:
Please read the following Terms and Conditions before registering for an EZ-Backup subscription.
With my signature, I (hereafter called the “LICENSEE”) acknowledge and agree to the following Terms and Conditions.
The EZ-Backup service is based on a software product called TSM (Tivoli Storage Manager). References to EZ-Backup below refer
as well to the TSM software product.
EZ-Backup registrations cannot be transferred to another individual without filling out a subscription CHANGE request.
EZ-Backup cannot be used by anyone who is not a current Cornell faculty, staff, student, or representative of a Cornell department
(hereafter called the “Cornell Community”).
EZ-Backup software cannot be copied or distributed to anyone outside of the Cornell Community.
CIT makes no representation with respect to the adequacy of EZ-Backup for any particular purpose or with respect to its adequacy
to produce any particular result. CIT may not be held liable for loss or damage arising out of this Agreement or the use of EZBackup. In no event shall CIT be liable for special, direct, indirect, or consequential damages, (including economic loss), losses,
costs, fees, or expenses of any nature or kind.
The provision of this service shall terminate under any of the following conditions:
(a) The LICENSEE notifies CIT in writing that they no longer wish to receive this service. Requests may be made by submitting
an EZ-Backup Subscription Form (form 85), with the CANCEL option selected, to the EZ-Backup Team, IT Service Desk, 120
Maple Ave., Room G32. Requests should be sent 30 days in advance to ensure accurate billing. Specify the date on which the
cancellation should take effect;
(b) The LICENSEE violates any of the Terms and Conditions specified in this agreement;
(c) CIT notifies the LICENSEE in writing that it will no longer provide this service. CIT will provide at least 90 days notice before
terminating this service.
There are no understandings, agreements, representations, or warranties, express or implied, other than as herein set forth or
incorporated by specific reference by this Agreement.
EZ-Backup Pricing:
Please refer to our web page at ezbackup.cornell.edu/rates/ for our current rates.
Notes on filling out the items on the other side of this subscription form:
1. KFS Account String Information: Specify the KFS Account String to be billed.
2-4. Billing Contact Name: Specify who should be contacted for any EZ-Backup billing issues. If this is an existing account, that is, it has
been previously provided on another EZ-Backup Subscription Form, then these items can be left blank, unless you wish to change
them for the account.
5. Billing Summary Report: Check this option if you wish to receive a Billing Summary Report via email. This report will itemize
how much is being billed to the account for each computer being backed up. If this is an existing account, this item can be left
blank, unless you wish to change this option for the account. More than one email address can be specified.
6. Authorization for Payment: This item must be signed by someone who has signature authority on the account. The form cannot
be processed without a signature.
7. Node Name Information: You may subscribe more than one computer to use EZ-Backup at a time. To do so, attach form #86.
7a. EZ-Backup Node Name: This is the name that EZ-Backup uses to identify your computer, also known as the Node Name. To
guarantee uniqueness, we suggest using: 1) registered domain name (DNS name), if you have one, or 2) yourNetID.ezbackup,
where yourNetID is your Cornell Network ID. If you have more than one computer, then you will need to distinguish it in the
node name, i.e., yourNetID.hobbes.ezbackup for your first computer, and yourNetID.calvin.ezbackup for your second computer.
(Note: If your department has several computers using EZ-Backup, contact your departmental technical support person/team to
see if your department is using an EZ-Backup naming scheme.)
7b. Operating System: This is the type of operating system on your computer, for example, Macintosh, Windows, or Unix.
7c. Initial Password: When your computer is registered with the EZ-Backup server, this is the password that will be initially assigned
to your computer. You will need to remember this password, and use it the first time you use TSM (the EZ-Backup software) on
your computer. You should then use TSM to change your password.
7d. Auto Notify: Select this option if you wish to be automatically notified via email if your computer is not backed up for any reason.
Specify a number, indicating the number of days which may elapse before you are automatically notified. Specify 0 if you do not
wish to be notified; specify always if you want to always be notified, even if it gets backed up. If you leave this blank, a default of 3
days will be used.
7e. Backup Notify Email Address: This must be specified if you filled in item 7d. This specifies where the backup notification
should be emailed. More than one email address can be specified.
8-11 Technical Contact: Specify who should be contacted in case of EZ-Backup technical issues with this node. More than one email
address can be specified. For departmental discounts, all nodes must have the same Technical Contact Email (#10) address. (Note
that the email address(es) listed here will receive confirmation of registration.)
12. Agreement to Terms and Conditions: This form must be signed to use EZ-Backup.
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