Application form for day-care centres, children of students

Application form for day-care centres, children of students
The application should be sent to: Studentsamskipnaden i Bergen,
Studentbarnehagene, Villaveien 10, 5007 Bergen
Studentsamskipnaden i Bergen
Application number:
Application deadline (main admission): March 1.
Family name:
First name(s):
Main language:
Personal ID-number:
Name of present day-care centre?
Appliance for priority according to the child’s handicap or illness in the child’s home (the information must be documented in order to be valid for priority consideration).
Main applicant:
Family name:
First name(s):
Street address:
Postal number / post office:
Telephone private:
Place of study:
Telephone mobile:
Personal ID-number:
Single parent
Married common-law husband/wife
Secondary applicant:
Family name:
First name(s):
Street address:
Postal number / post office:
Telephone private:
Place of study / work place:
Telephone mobil:
Personal ID-number:
Brothers / sisters:
Siblings applying for a spot (Must apply on separate application form)
Siblings already attending a SiB day-care centre
University / School:
Total no. credits Enclosure no.
Credits at final degree:
Semester for final degree:
Main applicant
Seconary applicant
Priority to day-care centres:
Oppigard barnehage
Bortigard barnehage
Jekteviken barnehage
Nerigard barnehage
Fantoft gård barnehage
Blokksberg barnehage
Fagertun barnehage (Only female master candidates at UiB)
I / we declare that the information given in the application is correct.
Place and date:
Do not write:
Har plass:
3b 315
Application instructions
The Student Welfare Organization in Bergen (SiB) operates seven day care-centres for
children of students at:
If claiming to be in a group with a given priority, documentation from a medical doctor,
pedagogical/psychological counsellor or other officials must accompany the application.
- The University of Bergen (UiB)
- The Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (NHH)
- The Bergen College (Høgskolen i Bergen HiB)
- The College of Fine Arts in Bergen (KhiB)
- Bergen School of Architecture (BAS)
- The Norwegian School og Information Technology
- Betanien Deaconal University College
- Bergen Deaconess University College
- Norwegian Teacher Academy (NLA)
- NLA College of Teacher Education
Criteria for admission (may be altered )
Admission is given according to the following priority:
1. Child(ren) with a documented handicap
2. Child(ren) whose mother and/or father have a documented handicap or illness which
affect their study situation
3. Child(ren) living with a single parent
4. Child(ren) whose parents are both students
5. Child(ren) of female master degree candidates
6. Other students
SiB has more than 300 placements for children in the day care institutions
Main application deadline: March 1.
There is one main admission per year, with application deadline March 1. The application
applies to the following academic year. It is possible to apply for a spot in the day-care
centres at other times, and in this case the application will be handled along with
supplementary admissions throughout the year.
All information of relevance to the application must be documented (for instance credits).
The applicants have to provide documentation verifying that they are full-time students and
members of SiB. Such documentation could be Letter of Acceptance, Transcript of Grades,
Faculty Confirmation and a copy of the student semester card.
If the application is submitted before a Letter of Acceptance has been received, the
documentation must be sent in later, clearly marked with the child’s name and date of birth.
Within each group priority is given according to the number of documented credits.
Other things being equal, priority is given to children whose siblings are in a day-care
centre. One may depart from the established priority in order to obtain an appropriate
selection within the group.
Regulations for opening hours
Bortigard barnehage is open from 07.00. until 17.00. Monday through Friday. The other six
day-care centres are open from 07.30 until 16.30 Monday through Friday.
The day-care centres are closed the three last weeks of July, the days between Christmas
and New Year and during the Easter week. The staff has five days of planning annually.
During these days the centres are closed. The dates are announced well in advance.
Blokksberg barnehage
Øyjordsveien 11
5038 Bergen
Situated close to NHH
Tlf.: 55 25 65 41
Fagertun barnehage
Kalfarveien 59
5018 Bergen
Tlf.: 55 30 19 40
(5 places for female master
degree students)
Fantoft gård barnehage
Øvre Fantoftåsen 54,
5072 Bergen
Situated at Fantoft
Tlf: 55 27 12 35
Oppigard barnehage
Birkelundsbakken 56 b
5081 Bergen
Situated at Nattland
Tlf.: 55 28 20 21
Bortigard barnehage
Nattland studentby PB 148
5081 Bergen
Situated at Nattland
Tlf.: 55 27 71 40
Jekteviken barnehage
Magnus Lagabøtes plass 5
5010 Bergen
Situated close to UiB
Tlf.: 55 90 19 64
Nerigard barnehage
Birkelundsbakken 54 b
5081 Bergen
Situated at Nattland
Tlf.: 55 28 19 80