College Fundraising Policy

Raising Money? Looking for Prizes?
Here’s your form!
The attached form is required when planning any fundraising project through a
Knox club, organization, department, fraternity, or sorority. Turn in the
completed form to the Office of Advancement at least two months prior to when
you’ll be asking for gifts. If you’re running late, turn the form in now!
The Office of Advancement will make sure your plan doesn’t compete with
fundraising plans of another student group, department, or the College. You’ll
receive a response within two working days of receipt of the form.
Remember, fundraising includes:
Gift certificates and prizes y Soliciting faculty and staff y Fundraising for
organizations other than Knox
And don’t forget:
No fundraising is allowed during the months of November, December, May, or June.
The Office of Advancement is ready to work with you. We can help you meet
your goal!
Required for all club, organization, fraternity, and sorority fundraising and philanthropy. Turn
this form in as soon as you make a plan to raise money, and at least two months prior to the start
of your campaign. Fundraising includes solicitations for cash gifts, sponsorships, gifts of prizes,
gift certificates, merchandise and services. Before you fill out this form, you should read the
Policy on Fundraising Appeals, attached to this form.
Organization(s): ____________________________Campaign/Event Title: ____________________
Organization Representative(s): _______________________________________________________
Fundraising Start Date: ____________________ Fundraising End Date: ______________________
Gifts to Benefit: __________________________________________________________________
How will you raise gifts? ___________________________________________________________
Who will you solicit? ______________________________________________________________
What is your dollar goal? ___________________________________________________________
Or, are you seeking gift certificates or merchandise? How much? ____________________________
How will the donations be used? _____________________________________________________
Please attach:
- Letters, fliers, or advertisements you plan to use, if any.
- If soliciting businesses, a list of businesses you plan to solicit.
- If soliciting alumni in a specific group, please be specific regarding the name of the group
and the alumni class years you wish to solicit.
- Results of last year’s fundraising, if this is an annual event. Please include a copy of any
program or other communication in which you recognized donors.
- How you plan to thank your donors.
What happens next? Submit this form to the Office of Advancement, Box K-230. Within two
business days, your organization’s representatives will receive either: an approval of your plan; or a
request to meet with the Office of Advancement.
___ Requires Meeting w/ Advancement ____ Approved ____ Date ____ Staff Initials
Office of Advancement
Box K-230
Knox College depends upon the ongoing and generous financial support it receives each year from
alumni, friends of the College, local businesses, foundations, and other donors. These gifts provide
financial aid for our students, salaries for faculty and staff, and other crucial operation expenses.
To ensure that this support continues and grows, it is essential the College be aware of all
fundraising appeals that are in any way connected to Knox – whether you may be fundraising for the
College directly or fundraising through a Greek chapter, club or organization for another non-profit
organization. This communication is essential to assure that contact with various audiences does not
inadvertently jeopardize our relationships with our important supporters. Whether as a student,
faculty, staff, or College-affiliated organization, we all play an important role in these relationships,
and we ask that you work with others at the College to maximize the results for all of us.
The purpose of this policy is to coordinate all fundraising efforts and to ensure that communications
from Knox with donors are consistent with our overall needs and priorities. All fundraising efforts
must support, and not compete with, the College’s overall efforts to secure from these donors
support for our annual operating needs and gifts to build the College’s endowment and facilities.
Knox College Policy on Fundraising Appeals
by Academic Departments, Programs, Student Organizations, or other College-Affiliated
The Office of Advancement is responsible for coordinating the cultivation, solicitation and
stewardship of donors and, therefore, oversees all fundraising appeals to any College constituents:
alumni, students, parents, faculty, staff, friends, local businesses, foundations, and
corporations. Two fundamental principles guide Advancement efforts—(1) that the College’s
overall interests take precedence over the special interests of individual departments, organizations,
teams, clubs, fraternities, sororities, or other groups, and (2) that all fundraising on behalf the
College must be in compliance with Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, which governs
non-profit tax-exempt organizations.
The College recognizes that individual departments, organizations, teams, clubs, fraternities, and
sororities have a need for occasional fundraising activities for the group’s benefit or for the benefit
of designated charities; however, multiple and overlapping solicitations to the same constituents may
have unintended negative consequences. All such efforts shall be coordinated through Advancement.
The purpose of this policy is to enable fundraising to proceed productively, with your appeals
complementing the College’s fundraising priorities.
Thank you for reading and abiding by this policy.
Submission of Fundraising Proposals by Campus Groups
Any department, organization, team, or club (other than those mentioned in section B
below) that plans to solicit among the College’s constituents, whether for a gift for the
College or for some other purpose, must, no later than two months before the solicitation
is planned, submit a form to the Office of Advancement. The form will be sent to the
Associate Director of the Knox Fund (Brian Gawor ‘98, ext. 7754) .
A. The form includes:
1. The purpose of the solicitation.
2. The identity (either by name or group affiliation) of those the group would like to
3. Information about how the group will make contact—e.g., direct mail, telephone calls,
personal visits, e-mail, campus events, etc.
4. The proposed timing for the solicitation.
5. The dollar goal for the solicitation or the nature of the assistance desired (ads in
programs, gift certificates, door prizes, ticket, etc.)
B. Fundraising Proposals by Affinity Groups: Fraternities, sororities, A.B.L.E., and other
affinity alumni groups, such as the Chicago Lawyers Club, are groups that have an
ongoing history of fundraising among Knox’s constituent groups. They must follow the
procedures and timing listed in Sec. A above, however their contact with Advancement
will be with the associate director of major and planned giving (Maureen Dickinson, ext.
7550) who oversees and administers affinity marketing for the College.
C. Determination: Advancement will approve the solicitation proposal as submitted, make
recommendations regarding its timing, method of solicitation, or other aspect of the
proposal, or may deny permission to proceed at that time. A denial will include
explanation of why the request was turned down.
D. Response: Every effort will be made to respond promptly to inquiries, recognizing that
there are times when Advancement may need to obtain approval from other campus
Recognition and Stewardship: Stewardship is an essential component of fundraising. All
campus groups that receive contributions—either of cash or of the type of in-kind items
listed in A5 above—should report the contribution to Advancement. If public recognition
of donors is part of your plan (brochure, plaque, advertisement), please share the list of
donors and the verbiage for the recognition piece with the director of advancement
communications (Megan Scott, ext. 7760) to assure correct spelling of donor names, class
years, etc. The procedures for processing and acknowledging gifts will be determined
with the Office of Advancement in response to the student fundraising form or meeting.
Black-Out Periods
No fundraising appeals from departments, organizations, teams, clubs, fraternities, or sororities
may occur during November, December (end of the calendar year) and May, and June (end of
the College’s fiscal year). These “black-out” periods are the times when the College is
concentrating fundraising among constituents in support of the Knox Fund and other College
priorities. Such a black-out period is typical across most colleges and universities.
III. Soliciting on behalf of Individuals
Knox College prohibits the use of College trademarks and College-provided or Collegeoriginated contact lists (mailing lists, phone lists, e-mail lists, directories and the like) for the
solicitation of funds to benefit specific individuals as individuals do not have designated nonprofit status. This does not preclude fundraising efforts to recognize an individual associated
with the College where the resulting funds are used to benefit the College (e.g. classroom to
honor a retiring faculty member or a book fund to memorialize a deceased staff member or
student). All such fundraising efforts do come under this policy and should be coordinated
through Advancement.
IV. Applying for Grants
The College encourages faculty members to seek grant support and is eager to assist. All
proposals to government agencies or private organizations for grants in support of research,
creative work, or educational purposes must be coordinated through the director of corporate
and foundation relations (David Amor, ext. 7761). Most grants are made to Knox College, not
to individuals or unincorporated groups, and constitute a contract between the College and the
granting agency. Therefore, all proposals for such grants must be approved by an officer of the
College (president or vice president). The director of corporate and foundation relations will
coordinate such approval.
With rare exceptions (specific scholarships and fellowships), government agencies and private
organizations do not make grants to undergraduate students or student organizations, and
Advancement cannot normally assist individual students or student groups in identifying grant
Separately Organized Groups/Associations for Which the College Provides
Infrastructure Support
From time to time, there will be groups and associations, separately organized from the
College, for which the College believes it advantageous to provide limited infrastructure
support. This support can include physical space on campus, agency accounts in the business
office, etc. These groups and associations should not interpret this support as a commitment by
the College to undertake or facilitate their separate fundraising ventures, or as authorization to
solicit Knox College alumni and friends.
VI. Education and Campus Outreach
Advancement staff will communicate during each academic year with the heads and advisors
of organizations, departments, teams, clubs, fraternities, and sororities to review this
fundraising policy, remind potential applicants of the deadlines and blackout periods, and
describe the types and level of support that Advancement can provide.
VII. Exclusions from Policy
This policy does not prohibit or limit in any way fundraising efforts by departments,
organizations, teams, clubs, fraternities, or sororities that take the form of advertising in
publications or programs; car washes; sales of baked goods, calendars, trinkets, t-shirts;
ticketed performances; personal chore services, etc., in which the buyer of such goods or
services receives a tangible benefit as a result of the transaction. Because of Internal Revenue
Service (IRS) regulations, the College cannot issue gift receipts for these transactions.