Bankwest Identity Verification Form

Bankwest Identity Verification Form
Student Account
Bankwest, a division of Commonwealth Bank of Australia
ABN 48 123 123 124 AFSL/Australian credit licence 234945
Important Information
We are required to verify your identity per Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financial Act 2006 before opening
your new account. This form will assist us to verify your identity if you are not able to present the original identification documents
to any Bankwest store.
Applicant instructions:
Print this form and fill out Section 1 and Section 3.
Prepare the required original and copied identification documents (see ‘Help - What identification documents can I use?’).
Arrange for a prescribed person to certify your copies and complete Section 2 of this form. You can ask a full-time teacher at your school
or tertiary education institution or any other person from ‘Help - Who is a prescribed person’ list overleaf to be your prescribed person.
Post this form and certified copies (make sure they are less than 3 months old) free of charge to:
Bankwest, Reply Paid 2072, Perth WA 6846.
Important: It is an offence under the Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financial Act 2006 for you or a prescribed person
to make false or misleading statement.
Section 1 – Applicant details
Applicant reference number
Full legal name (given name, middle name, family name)
Date of birth
Also known As
Contact phone number
Countries of Residence (please list all countries you reside in)
Purpose of opening an Australian banking account/facility (if not an Australian Resident)
Current residential address (must be an Australian residential address, PO Box is not acceptable)
Section 2 – Prescribed person details (e.g. your teacher, doctor)
Prescribed person instructions:
Check whether you can be a prescribed person by referring to the ‘Help - Who is a prescribed person” list overleaf.
Examine the applicant’s original and copied identification documents and certify the copies by writing:
“I certify this to be a true and correct copy of the original document”.
Sign, date and write your full name on the certified copies.
Fill out the section below.
Prescribed person’s full name
Contact phone number
Business name
Business residential address
Prescribed person’s signature
Notes of guidance:
Your information has been collected to assist the applicant with the requirement to be identified in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act. The information you give us is held confidentially. Our privacy policy outlines how you can complain
about a breach of our obligations under the Privacy Act and how we will deal with your complaint. The privacy policy also outlines how you
can obtain information we hold about you and is available at or you can call us on 13 17 19 to obtain a copy.
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Section 3 – Applicant’s Tax File Number
Tax File Number (optional)
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Help - What identification documents can I use?
To verify your identity, you’ll need to have copies of your identification documents certified by a prescribed person. Once certified,
attach the certified copies to this form and post to us free of charge to: Bankwest, Reply Paid 2072, Perth WA 6846
Select one of the options below:
Option A
Provide ONE primary photographic identification document:
• Australian passport, current or expired for less than 2 years
• Current foreign passport or similar document issued for foreign travel
• Current Australian driver’s licence
• Current Australian government issued proof of age card, including NSW or WA photo card
Option B
Provide ONE primary non-photographic identification document together with ONE secondary document:
Primary non-photographic identification documents:
• Australian or foreign birth certificate
• Australian birth certificate extract
• Australian citizenship certificate
• Current Australian government benefits card, including Centrelink card
Secondary identification documents:
• For individuals under 18, a notice issued by a School Principal, dated within last 3 months with your name, residential address
and the period of time you attended the school
• Current international driver’s licence
• Australian Tax Office notice, dated within last 12 months with your name and residential address
• Local government or utility bill, issued within last 3 months with your name and residential address
Important: If written in a language other than English, an English translation from an accredited translator is required.
Help - Who is a prescribed person?
You can ask one of the people listed below to help certify copies of your identification:
Categories of prescribed people
Eligible Local, State or Commonwealth Government representative
• Teacher employed on a full-time basis at a school or
tertiary education institute
• Justice of the Peace
• Police officer
• Australian diplomatic officer
A person who is currently licensed or registered under Australian State
or Territory law to practise one of the listed occupations
• Medical practitioner
• Dentist
• Pharmacist
• Chiropractor
• Nurse
• Optometrist
• Physiotherapist
• Psychologist
An officer, or authorised representative of, a holder of an Australian
financial services licence, with 5 or more continuous years of
employment with one or more licences
• Bank employee
• Financial planner
• Fund manager
• Building society/credit union employee
An Australian member of institute of Chartered Accounts,
CPA or National Institute of Accountants
• An accountant
A person enrolled on the court roll of a state or territory or the High
Court of Australia
• Solicitor
• Barrister
• Court judge
• Magistrate
An agent of Australia Post who can supply postal services to the public
• Permanent Australia Post staff with 5 or more years
continuous service
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If you need help filling out this form, call us on 13 17 19.
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