Address or Name Change Form - Texas Municipal Retirement System

Address or Name Change Form
TMRS members and retirees (or other persons receiving a TMRS monthly benefit) may use this form to make address or
name changes to their TMRS account. After you have completed and signed this form, please fax it to 512.476.5576 or mail
to P.O. Box 149153, Austin TX 78714-9153. If you fax the form, please retain the original for your records. If you have any
questions regarding this form or any other matter, please call 800.924.8677.
Please complete this section
Please type or use only black ink and do not highlight. Any corrections must be initialed.
Full Name (first, middle, last)
TMRS Identification Number (not required)
Social Security Number
Date of Birth(MM/DD/YYYY)
Current or Last Employing City
Daytime Phone Number
complete this section only if you are changing your mailing address
New Mailing Address (number and street)
Daytime Phone Number
State Zip Evening Phone Number
E-mail Address
complete this section only if you are changing your Name
This section should only be completed if your name has changed and does not match the name currently on record with TMRS.
Old Full Name (first, middle, last)
New Full Name (first, middle, last)
Reason for Change:
❑ marriage ❑ divorce ❑ court order
Note: If you are completing this section, a photocopy of one of the following documents is required with this form:
Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree (Name Change Section), or Court Order.
Please sign and date this section:
I hereby affirm that the information on this form is true and correct and authorize the Texas Municipal Retirement System to
update my TMRS account with this information.
Your Signature
T MRS • P.O. Box 149153 • Austin, Texas 78714-9153 • 800.924.8677 • 512.476.7577 • FAX 512.476.5576 •
TMRS - CHNG • Revised 7-2009
Date Signed (MM/DD/YYYY)