Application Form-3

General Admission Guidance (for all regular programmes)
Any degree/diploma obtained from a fake University, Board, Council, Institution, College etc. as notified by the University Grants Commission
(UGC) or any other concerned apex body shall not be considered as a basis for eligibility criteria for admission to any programme of the University.
If an applicant applies/takes admission on such basis, his admission will be cancelled as and when it comes to the notice of the University.
Original certificates of an applicant normally will not be retained and after verification will be returned; however in exceptional cases, if required,
the University may retain and get it verified from the Board/Council/University from where the certificates are supposed to be issued; and in case of
any default on the part of the applicant, his admission will be cancelled and the case may be handed to the relevant authority under the law of land.
Persons in employment are not eligible for full-time programme, except with the prior approval of the employer. If anybody is found violating the
norms at any stage, his admission stands cancelled and no refund will be made.
Applicants will have to make their own travel and boarding arrangement for appearing in the Entrance test/GD /interview etc.
(a) Applicants who are either awaiting for the result or yet to appear for qualifying exam may also apply; provided that the result of the qualifying
exam must be furnished to the University either by the last date of provisional registration or at the time of admission, as the case may be.
(b) In case an applicant fails to produce the proof of fulfillment of the prescribed eligibility criteria by the stipulated dates, due to non-declaration
of result or incomplete result or in case of supplementary or due to any other reason, he shall not be considered eligible for admission and will
have no claim for admission.
Application Form(s) received without fee(s) or otherwise incomplete in any respect or received after the last date of submission of application form
may not be evaluated for admission or may be summarily rejected without assigning any further clarification or intimation.
Applicants will be required to produce certificate/documents in original or otherwise, at any time during the admission process and even thereafter,
as and when instructed by the University.
Submission and/or Acknowledgment of application form(s) or any other document related thereto at or by the University does not guarantee
admission to any programme or facility of the University.
The University shall not take any responsibility for any postal delay or loss in transit.
If an applicant is found not eligible for admission after the verification of documents, he shall have no right to get admission irrespective of the fact
that he has qualified the Entrance test/GD/Interview.
Merit List
(a) Merit list will be prepared on the basis of the admission procedure as provided in the Programme details, as per the weightage decided by the
(b) Rank allotted to each applicant shall be different. In case of two applicants securing equal marks in Entrance test/GD and/or Interview, the
applicant with the higher marks in the qualifying exam shall be given preference. In case of the equivalent marks in both entrance test and
qualifying exam, the applicant older in age shall get priority.
(c) Inclusion of the name of a applicant in the merit list, shall not ipso facto, entitle him to secure admission.
(d) Merit list will be displayed, on the notice board of the Counseling and Admission Department at the University Campus and/or may be
provided at the University website ( as per Schedule of Admission, unless otherwise specified. No separate intimation will be
Seat Allotment
(a) Applicants will be allotted seat according to the merit, however under exceptional circumstances, the University reserves the right to change
the mode of seat allotment.
(b) For the purpose of admission procedure of any programme(s), the University may decide to prescribe and/or amend and/or withdrawal cut-off
marks at any time during the admission period.
(c) If sufficient number of applicants belonging to any reserved category (for details refer to clause 'Reservation of Seats'), by the stipulated date
are not available, the vacant seats will be offered to open category applicants.
(d) Seats remaining vacant in the open category (including vacant seats transferred from the reserved categories) will be offered to the next
applicant(s) on the waiting list and if any seats remain vacant thereafter, will be offered on First cum First Serve basis, subject to the eligibility
criteria and cut-off marks (if any).
(e) Seats for NRIs/PIOs/NRI-sponsored applicants/Industry Sponsored applicants/Foreign Nationals and such other categories may be made
available for any of the programme(s), as decided by the University.
Payment of fees (tuition fee, hostel fee and transport fee, as and if applicable)
(a) The fee(s) must be deposited by the stipulated date, failing which the seat allotted may be declared as vacant and the seat will be offered to the
wait listed applicant (if any). No correspondence or appeal in this regard will be entertained.
(b) Separate demand drafts or pay order for payment on account of tuition fee, hostel fee and transport fee, whichever applicable, may be
submitted by the applicant.
(c) Applicant must always write applicant name, Application No. (if any), Name of Faculty, Programme applied for and Programme Code on the
backside of the demand draft or pay order or receipt of cash deposit at bank.
(d) Incomplete or wrong demand draft or pay order will not be accepted.
(e) Cash will be accepted at the University Campus only. No cash payments will be accepted at any other place.
(f) If the last date for payment of fee is a holiday, the fee shall be paid on the first working day after the holiday.
(g) All type of fee and charges as prescribed by the University and the various facilities provided by the University are subject to revision/change
from time to time.
(h) All the students will be liable to pay the Alumni Association fee of Rs. 1,000/- within the last semester/term, as and when prescribed by the
(i) Tuition fee prescribed for a term under the Programme details is only for the normal duration of the term as specified therein. For registration
for summer term, make up examinations etc., if conducted by the University, concerned students will have to pay additional fee as prescribed
for such purposes.
(j) Government taxes, levis and such other charges, if any, as and when applicable will be payable by the student and will be added to the fee to be
charged from the students.
International applicants (NRI, PIO and Foreign Nationals)
i. Fee for International applicants is same as for Indian applicants.
ii. For specific instructions related to payments, refer to the University website (
iii. For applications accepted for admission, Letter of Admission Offer will be sent either directly or via the nominated agent to the applicant only
on the request of the applicant, subject to conditions, if any.
iv. For applications requiring additional information, for acceptance on account of final results or otherwise, will be sent a Letter of Conditional
Admission Offer.
v. For the purpose of getting Letter of Acceptance of admission to any programme, the applicant will have to pay a minimum of one semester
tuition fee and other fee and charges (as and if applicable) beforehand, subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria and other conditions.
15. Reservation of Seats
(a) The University shall adhere to the Punjab State Policy of reservation made by the State Government under the Constitution of India or any
other law for the time being in force for reservation of seats for different categories of applicants in respect of the State quota for Punjab
(b) The eligibility of the applicants for Punjab Domicile/Resident shall be as per the Punjab Government Memo No. 1/3/95-3PPII/9619 dated
June 6,1996 and letter no. 1/3/95-3PPII/81 dated January 1,1999 and further instructions issued by the Punjab Government, if any, on this
subject. The applicant would also be required to fulfill other eligibility criteria and admission criteria prescribed for admission to the specific
programme of the University.
(c) The reservation of seats for various categories of applicants like Scheduled Castes/Scheduled Tribes, Backward classes, Border
Areas/Backward Areas, Sportspersons, Children/ Grandchildren of Freedom Fighters, Disabled Persons and others shall be as per the Punjab
Government Memo. No.13/2/05-1TE2/409, dated 20.2.06 and further instructions issued by the Punjab Government, if any, on this subject.
(d) The proof of belonging to a reserved category shall not be entertained after the expiry of the last date for the submission of application or
otherwise for that category, under any circumstances.
(e) Any admission allotted in the reserved category will be liable to cancellation if, at any stage, any information about reserved category
furnished by the applicant to the University is found to be fabricated or false.
(f) If there is no category mentioned in the Form and/or in case document(s) pertaining to reserved category are not complete, the applicant will
be considered for open category only.
(g) No change in category, once claimed, shall be permitted.
16. Change of Programme
The applicant who wishes to change the stream/specialization in the programme or change from one programme to another, will have to fill the
Programme Transfer Form (to be obtained from Counseling and Admission Department) and deposit along with the programme transfer fee i.e.
Rs 5000. However, such a change/transfer will be at the discretion of the University subject to (a) seat availability in the programme applied for
transfer to, (b) fulfillment of eligibility and other admission requirements and any other condition imposed by the University. Provided that
application in this regard should be submitted before the commencement of the session by the applicant at the Counseling and Admission
Department, at the University Campus only.
17. Miscellaneous
(a ) All the students shall be expected to be present in every lecture, tutorial, practical, workshop, seminar etc., as the case may be, scheduled for
them, with a minimum of 75% attendance as compulsory.
(b) The class sections (if any) may be made on the basis of merit and fixed seats may be allotted to the students as per the roll no. in the class.
(c) Medium of instruction and examination will be English, unless otherwise specified in the Programme details in the Prospectus 2009 (Part-B).
(d) Personality Development (PD) module, wherever prescribed, will be offered in one term during an academic session, as per the schedule
announced by the University.
(e) Any programme, whether listed in the Prospectus2009 or not, may be introduced, modified or withdrawn or discontinued, at the discretion of
the University.
(f) The University may upgrade admission of student(s) to any programme at any time, as deemed appropriate, provided it should not affect the
student in adverse.
(g) Any of the courses of a programme may be offered in combination with courses of other programme offered at any Department of the
(h) Any programme(s) of the University may be offered in different shifts (any timings of morning or evening shift) as deemed appropriate by the
(i) Laptops can be made compulsory at any time as per the requirement for the programme during the course of study.