Readmission - LaGuardia Community College

Complete the READMISSION/RESINSTATEMENT form and pay the $20 processing fee at the Bursar’s
Office located in C-110. Submit the form with payment receipt at the Enrollment Services Center (C107).
Be sure to pick up the current Academic Calendar. LaGuardia College Catalogs are available on the
Your application for Readmission or Reinstatement will be reviewed and processed within 5 business
days. We will notify you of your application’s status via e-mail. We will use the e-mail address
you provided on your application. PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY.
If you are planning on changing your major – submit a change if major form with your
readmission/reinstatement application. PLEASE NOTE: Departmental Permission may be
required for major change.
Bring transcripts from any college(s) you have attended since you were last registered at LaGuardia
Community College. OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT from that college(s) must to be sent to LaGuardia
the office of Admissions, Room C102 or you may bring it in person. Allow at least 2 weeks for an
evaluation awarding transfer credit(s). Credits can only be transferred if they are applicable to your
major at LaGuardia. Submission of transcripts will ensure that you avoid repeating classes
If approved for Readmission or Reinstatement, you will need to meet with an advisor in Room B100.
Academic advisement is required before you can register for classes.
After your advisement visit, make sure that you can log into your CUNYFIRST account, if you don’t
have an account please create one now. All registration is done online on Student Services Center
through the CUNYFIRST ( The Enrollment Services Center staff is
available to assist you logging-in to your account if needed. The Schedule of Classes is posted
online at - select CLASS SCHEDULE. Be sure to select the correct
session – For example, Fall Session I or II, Spring Session I or II.
If you are applying for financial aid, complete the application as soon as possible. Remember
LaGuardia’s FAFSA number is 010051 and NY State TAP number is 1403. You can apply online at You can also complete your application in person with the assistance from a
member of the Student Financial Services staff, in C-109. Bring your income information with you.
Note: Readmitted students must have their aid award in place by the date tuition payment is due
otherwise you will need to use other sources to pay your bill. Please review the payment options at
LaGuardia has rolling registration and payment due dates. If you do not settle your tuition bill by
the deadline corresponding to your registration date, your registration will be cancelled. You may
reregister for classes – up to the last day to add a class for the session.
A LaGuardia Email account will be created for you five business days following your registration.
You can claim your account by going to, click on LIVE MAIL at the bottom of
the page. Follow the instructions to log-on. Be sure to check your email frequently since this is the
primary communications source at LaGuardia. Call the Student Information Center (SIC) if you
need assistance at718-482-5242 or email [email protected]
Office of the Registrar - Division of Student Affairs
Readmission & Reinstatement Application
(Choose one semester and indicate year)
$20.00 Application
Year: _______
Processing fee
Note: The City University of New York does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, sex, age, creed, color, national origin,
physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital status, citizenship status, or veteran status.
CUNYfirst EMPL ID# or SSN #
_________________________ ___________
Last Name
First Name
Middle Initial
Name while in Attendance (if different)
Date of Birth: _______/_______/________
Current Mailing Address: Street
Phone № (______) _________-___________
Apt №
Zip Code
E-mail address: _____________________________________________
Have you attended another college since leaving LaGuardia? If yes, please provide Official transcripts from the
other college(s) to the Office of Admissions in room C-102 for evaluation.
Select the section below that applies to you:
Readmission: ____ I have not registered for classes or
received grades for a least two semesters.
Reinstatement: ___ I was placed on academic probation or
suspension when I last attended LaGuardia.
Last semester that
you attended: __________________
Last semester that
you attended: __________________
STEP 2: Go to Student Financial Services in room C-107. I have met with a Financial Aid Specialist and I am
aware that I am responsible for paying my tuition and fees.
Stu. Fin. Services Signature: ____________________________________
Date: _____/_____/_____
STEP 3: Go to Bursar’s window, room C-110 to pay the processing fee. The application processing fee applies
only to this semester and is non-refundable, even if your application is not approved or you choose not to attend the
semester you apply for readmission or reinstatement.
I hereby certify that: I read, fully understand and accept the above statements
Student’s Signature: _____________________________________
Date: _____/_____/_____
Bursar’s Signature: _____________________________________
STEP 4: Return the completed form to the Registrar’s Office in room C-107.
Date: _____/_____/_____
Signature from Pick-up:___________________________________
Date: _____/_____/_____
IMPORTANT-When you are approved for Readmission or Reinstatement; you will receive an e-mail from the Registrar.
Bring the attach letter with you to room B-102 and ask to speak with an advisor. You must meet with an advisor for academic
advisement before you can register for classes.
Readmission & Reinstatement Status
Session: I__
Revised: 04/2016
Office use only
Academic Standing Status:
Cleared from Disciplinary Suspension:
Reinstatement Committee Signature
White – Registrar’s Office
__ Accepted
__ Non-Degree __ AFP
Rejected ___ GPA: _______
Last Term: _______
II __
Added Registration
> 30 credits ___
< 30 credits ___
Processed by: ____________________ Date: _____/_____/_____
Yellow copy – Student