Student Copy Form 2-7

Student Copy
Form 2-7
Directions: Please read the story and then answer the questions that come after it.
Rainy Day Running
It was another rainy day. The third graders in Miss Hanson’s
class wished they could go outside. But on rainy days they had to stay
The bell rang and students put their math books away. “Okay boys
and girls,” said Miss Hanson. “Choose an activity to do during recess.
Let’s hope for a sunny day tomorrow.”
Several students got out board games. A large group of girls got
markers and paper to draw. Some boys started building with blocks.
Everyone seemed to be having fun except Jung.
Jung was a boy with a lot of energy. He hated rainy days at
school. He liked to run and throw. But he was not allowed to do that
inside. Jung was bored.
Jung wasn’t trying to break his teacher’s rules. But he couldn’t sit
and play quietly today. His legs needed to stretch and move. When Miss
Hanson stepped outside to talk to one of his classmates, Jung started
to jog around the room.
The other kids began to notice Jung. His friend Sam jumped up.
He ran after Jung. Then Sara started to run too. Pretty soon, the
whole class was running! They were all following Jung!
Jung looked back and smiled. He started to jump on one foot. Sam
started to jump on one foot. Then Sara, and all the others. As soon as
they were all jumping on one foot, Jung decided to try something new.
He turned to the side. He put one foot out as far as it could go and
then slid his other foot over to touch it. He kept on doing this over and
over until he was sliding around the room, one step at a time.
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Student Copy
Form 2-7
Of course, Sam and Sara and all the other kids started to slide
too. They laughed and smiled. They forgot it was raining outside. Pretty
soon, their faces were red. Jung was the leader in a big parade of
children, all laughing and moving and being careful not to make a mess.
It was as much fun as playing outside!
Then, Sara stopped laughing. She stopped moving. The children
did not know why she had stopped. Jung started to ask her what the
problem was.
Before he could speak, he heard the door shutting behind him. He
heard Miss Hanson’s feet on the floor. He was worried that he would
get in trouble. Jung did not know what to do!
All the students stood still. They looked at their teacher as she
walked to the front of the room. When Miss Hanson got to her desk at
the front of the room, she turned around. She looked at the students,
but she did not say a word.
Jung got scared. He did not want to get in trouble. What would he
say to his mom and dad if he got sent home?
The students were silent as Miss Hanson looked at the room. She
looked to see if any desks or chairs were tipped over. She looked to
see if there was any paper on the floor. Then, Miss Hanson smiled. “It
looks like you found a way to move and have fun even with the rain
outside,” she said. “Thank you for not making a mess!”
Jung decided that rainy days might not be so bad after all.
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Student Copy
Form 2-7
1. Why did the third graders have to stay inside the room during
A. It was raining outside.
B. They had been acting bad.
C. They had to finish their math.
2. What did the teacher tell the children to do for recess?
A. Clean up their desks.
B. Finish their homework.
C. Choose something to play.
3. What did Jung get the children to do besides run?
A. Run backwards and hop around on both feet.
B. Jump on one foot and slide around the room.
C. Jump up and down and then play a game of tag.
4. Why did Miss Hanson step outside the room?
A. To talk to one of the children.
B. To see if it was still raining outside.
C. To let the children play on their own.
5. How did Jung feel about staying inside the room during recess?
A. He didn’t like it.
B. He thought it was fun.
C. He wished he was home.
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Student Copy
Form 2-7
6. Why did Jung run around the room when his teacher stepped
A. He wanted to show off in front of the other children.
B. He didn’t like the rule about no running in the room.
C. He couldn’t sit quietly and needed to move around.
7. What did the children look like when they were following Jung
around the room?
A. A giant worm moving this way and that.
B. A big parade with Jung as their leader.
C. School children getting ready to go home.
8. What happened after Jung began to run around the room?
A. Soon the whole class was following Jung and running.
B. His friend said he would get into trouble for running.
C. All the children thought Jung was funny and laughed at him.
9. What was Miss Hanson like at the end of the story?
A. She was upset that the children had broken the rules but was
happy no one was hurt.
B. She was happy that the children had found a way to have fun
without making a mess.
C. She looked around the room and decided that she might need
to change the rainy day rules.
10. What was Jung like?
A. He liked to play inside more than he liked to play outside.
B. He liked to play board games so he could sit and rest.
C. He had a lot of energy and liked to run and play outside.
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Student Copy
Form 2-7
11. What were the children being careful about when they were
running around the room?
A. They were careful so that no one got hurt.
B. They were careful not to make a mess.
C. They were careful to not be too noisy.
12. What scared Jung when Miss Hanson came back into the room?
A. He might get into trouble and have to wait in the office until
school was out.
B. Miss Hanson just looked at the children and at him and didn’t
say a word.
C. He might get sent home, and he didn’t know what to tell his
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