FORM 10-D (EPS) (Supplied free of cost at EPFO Offices/can also

(Supplied free of cost at EPFO Offices/can also be downloaded from
epfindia website)
(These Instructions sheets are not required to be printed for submission
of the claim form and are not required to be attached with the claim.
These are only for information of the member/claimant)
Note: Claim Form 10D should be submitted in two copies in case
pension is to be drawn in other Region/Sub Region.
Serial No given below relates to the corresponding number given in the
application form.
1. By whom the pension is claimed?
Indicate anyone of the following under Sl. No. 1.
2. Type of Pension claimedIndicate any one of the following
a) SUPERANNUATION PENSION :By member on attaining 58 years
age, whether in service or not
b) REDUCED PENSION: By member after the age of 50 years but
below 58 years and having left service
c) DISABLEMENT PENSION: By member on leaving service on
account of total and permanent disablement.
d) WIDOW & CHILDREN PENSION: By family (spouse and children) on
death of the Member.
e) ORPHAN PENSION: By surviving son/daughter (of age up to 25
years as on date of death of member/spouse whichever is later) on
the death or remarriage of the deceased member.
f) NOMINEE PENSION: By nominee declared by the Member through
Form 2(R) in case the member had no family (Spouse and
g) DEPENDENT PARENT: By the dependent father and mother of the
deceased member who died without a family (spouse and children) and
failed to nominate a person for pension.
Note: A member who has completed 58 years of / claimant on behalf of
a deceased member who died after the age of 58 years without
completing the eligible service of 10 years should apply for Withdrawal
Benefit through Form 10C.
3: Please furnish the particulars relating to the member correctly.
(a) The name must be mentioned in BLOCK LETTERS.
(b) Marital Status: Whether married/unmarried/widow/widower/Divorcee.
(c) Date of Birth: In dd/mm/yyyy format.
(d) Father’s Name and in case of a married female member, Husband’s
4. EPF Account Number: The account number should have the Region
Code (two alphabets), Office Code (three alphabets) code number
(maximum 7 digits), extension (sub code, if any, maximum three
characters) and account number (maximum 7 digits).
The region codes have changed after creation of the multiple regions in
some states, namely Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, West
Bengal, Punjab, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and
Delhi. For getting the correct Region and Office Codes, please visit
Establishment Search facility provided under link for Employees
through the epfindia website [].
5. Name and Address of the Establishment where the member was last
6. Indicate the actual date of leaving service. This need not be filled by a
member who has attained 58 years and continues to be in service. In
such case indicate,” still in service”.
If the reason for leaving service was on account of total and
permanent disablement, as indicated by the establishment to the P.F.
Office through Form 10/Form 5 (PS)/ECR (Electronic Challan cum
Return) then only the member is entitled for Disablement Pension. In all
other cases the actual reason for leaving service may be given.
However, a member who continues in service beyond the age of 58
years may indicate “still in service.”
8. If the present address is temporary one, also indicate permanent
8 A. If the member has left service before 58 years of age, has not
completed 58 years age as on date of application and is ready for
drawing reduced pension, he/she should mention the date from which
/she wishes to get pension.
The opted date cannot be prior to date of attaining 50 years age and
date of leaving service.
NOTE: Sl. No.9, 10 and 11 are applicable only to a member of the
Pension Scheme and not for his/her family or any other claimant.
Claimants applying for pension due to death of member need not
fill in the details under serial number 9, 10 and 11.
For the members also, the serial number 9, 10 and 11 are
applicable only if the date of start of member pension is before
26/09/2008 (cases where the application is being filed belatedly but
the member is due for pension from such date). From 26/09/2008,
the provisions for Commutation and Return of Capital have been
abolished vide Notification Number GSR 688 (E) dated 2609-2008 and any member who is due for pension from 26/09/2008
is not eligible for them.
9. Sl. No.9 is applicable only to a member of the Pension Scheme and
not for his family or any other claimant. Claimants after death of member
need not fill in the details under serial number 9, 10 and 11.
In case of a member who is entitled to draw pension from a date prior to
26-09-2008, he/she is eligible to commute upto a maximum of 1/3 of his
pension so as to receive 100 times of the pension commuted. If a
pensioner who is getting an original pension of Rs.600/-commutes 1/3 of
it, he will get Rs.20, 000/- as commuted value. The commutation will be
effective only from 16.11.1998. The applicant may give his option for
commutation in the application and this will be effective and paid only if
the member-pensioner continues to draw his pension as on 16.11.1998.
On opting for commuted value of pension, the origin pension mentioned
for Return of Capital will be the balance of pension after commutation.
Option for the commutation of Pension cannot be given if
the Pension Start Date is on or after 26-09-2008 as this
facility has been abolished vide Notification Number GSR
688 (E) dated 26-09-2008.
10. Sl. No.10 is applicable only to a member of the Pension Scheme and
not for his family or any other claimant.
In case of a member who is entitled to draw pension from a date prior to
26-09-2008, he/she can give his option for return of Capital. Option once
exercised is final. He may choose any one of the following and indicate
the No. shown under alternative against Sl. No. 10 of the application.
Option for the Return of Capital cannot be given if the
Pension Start Date is on or after 26-09-2008 as this facility
has been abolished vide Notification Number GSR 688 (E)
dated 26-09-2008.
Quantum of Pension
Return of Capital
On member’s death
pension to member.
On his death 80% of
87.5% of original
pension for a fixed
period of 20 years to
member. On his
death before 20
years, nominee will
balance period.
pension to nominee
whichever is earlier.
90 times of original
pension to nominee.
At the end of 20
years, 100 times of
original pension to
member, if he is
alive, otherwise to
11. The member is required to furnish the details of his/her nominee for
receiving the Return of Capital. A member can nominate his/her spouse
or sons or daughters. A married member who is not survived by any
member of his family (spouse/sons/daughters) and a bachelor spinster
may nominate a person of his/her choice to receive the return of
Capital/Pension due if any, under Alternative 3 as per Sl. No. 10 above.
In case of option 2, spouse cannot be nominated as he/she will get 80%
of pension along with widow pension. Nominee will get the amount only
after death/remarriage of the widow/widower (spouse).
This field is applicable only if the Field 10 has been opted/member is
eligible for opting ROC.
12. This should be completed by the member.
While the member pension is approved, the pension amount payable
to the family (spouse/children) are also decided and in case of the death
of the member as pensioner, the spouse/children/orphan will start
getting the pension on submission of the death certificate and there will
not be any requirement of processing of the widow/children/orphan
pension again.
In case of a deceased member, it has to be filled by the
spouse/children. The list of surviving family members of the Member,
covering his spouse, all children should be furnished. The particulars of
Guardian should be given in respect of each minor child, as of the date
of application. In support of the age of children, age proof certificate
obtained from the school or Registrar of Birth-death or E.S.I. Record, or
Municipal authorities should be enclosed. In the case of Guardian other
than natural guardian, a Guardianship Certificate should be enclosed.
13. Applicable only in case the member is not alive. In support of the
date of death, death Certificate should be enclosed.
14. The details of Bank S.B.A/c No for receiving the pension should be
In case the claim is preferred by spouse, he/ she should give his/her
S.B.A/c No. and also separate S.B.A/c No.s in respect of each child.
S.B. A/c No.s of children who are below the age of 25 years (as on date
of death of the member) should be given. On behalf of minor child, S.B.
A/c opened in the name of minor and operated by the guardian of the
minor and A/c No. should be given.
Pension is payable through any branch of certain Bank depending on
state where the pensioner want to receive pension by credit to the S.B.
A/c No.s of eligible pensioners. Hence S.B. A/c should be opened only
in the said Bank(s). Necessary guidelines have been given to all the
branches of the said Banks to open a S.B. A/c for the pensioners. The
applicant may approach any branch of the said Bank(s) to open the
account. Click here to see the List of Banks where Pension Account
can be opened.
The member, the spouse and children (minor or major) should
necessarily open S.B. A/cs in the same branch of the Bank.
Whenever pension is opted from a place beyond the jurisdiction of
the region in which the member was last employed, he should ascertain
the name of the designated bank applicable in that Region and open a
S.B. A/C therein.
On sanction of Pension, intimation will be sent to the pensioner to
contact the bank.
14- A. In case of death of the member before attaining 58 years without
leaving any eligible family members to receive the pension, the nominee
as appointed by the member through the From 2 (Revised) already sent
to the P.F. Office may apply, giving his particulars against this column.
In case the member had no family and had died before appoint a
nominee for pension, his/her dependent parent (father & mother) may
apply for pension, pension will be paid to father and on his death to
15. In case the member was working in different establishments and
obtained Scheme Certificate, the details should be furnished against this
column. In case, no Scheme Certificate was received or not applied for
the same, the details of past employment may be indicated in this
16. If the applicant is already receiving pension under Employees’
Pension Scheme, 1995 claim pension, the details should be furnished
against this column.
17. List of documents to be enclosed and specified under Column
a) Descriptive role of pensioner and his/her specimen signature/Thumb
impression (in duplicate); (Form is enclosed with the Claim Form)
b) 3 pass-port size photographs
If claimed by the member Joint photo with spouse, there is no need to
send photograph of the children.
If claimed by widow/widower the photograph should be sent for
widow/widower and his/her two children (below 25 years) separately.
The photographs should be attested by the employer or his authorized
official, indicating the person, whom the photograph relates to and also
the P.F. Account No. of the member, written on the verse and placed in
a separate envelope.
c) In the case of a member, who is permanently and totally disabled
during the employment, he/she should undergo a Medical Examination
before the Medical Board advised by the E.P.F. Office. However, the
disablement should occur while in employment.
d) The application should be forwarded through the establishment in
which the member last served/died. The establishment should furnish
the certificate and wage particulars duly attested by the authorized
e) Only if the establishment is closed, the application should be
forwarded through Magistrate/Gazetted Officer/Bank Manager/any other
authorized officer as may be approved by the Commissioner.