PEIMS Disciplinary Action Data2 Form 05-26-99

Brownsville Independent School District
PEIMS Disciplinary Action Data – Student Record Type 425
Incident #: __________
Student Local ID #______________________________Student Name:_____________________________________________________
Incident Date: __________Referred by: __________Referred to: ________Parent Contact: Y ___N ___ Date: __________How Notified? ___________
Action Code (1): _____ Date: _________ Scheduled Days:__________ Actual Days Served: __________ Start Date: __________ End Date: __________
Action Code (1): _____ Date: _________ Scheduled Days:__________ Actual Days Served: __________ Start Date: __________ End Date: __________
Action Code (1): _____ Date: _________ Scheduled Days:__________ Actual Days Served: __________ Start Date: __________ End Date: __________
___R01 Permanent Removal by a Teacher from Class
___R31 Sexual assault/aggravated sexual assault(PC)school employee/volunteer
___R02 Felony -TEC37.006(a)(1)
___R32 Sexual assault/aggravated sexual assault(PC)other than school/employee/volunt
___R04 Poss/sold/used marihuana/controlled substance
___R33 Possessed/purchased/used/accepted cigarette/tobacco product
___R05 Poss/sold/used/under influence of alcoholic bevg
___R34 School-related gang violence (3 or more students)
___R06 Abuse of a volatile chemical
___R35 False Alarm/false report
___R07 Public lewdness/indecent exposure
___R36 Felony controlled substance violation
___R08 Retaliation/school employee
___R37 Felony alcohol violation
___R09 Conduct off campus/felony/Title 5
___R41 Fighting
___R10 Conduct off campus/felony not in Title 5
___R42 Truancy/parent contributing/truancy
___R11 Used/exhibited/possessed/firearm
___R43 Truancy/ 3 unexcused absences
___R12 Used/exhibited/possessed/illegal knife
___R44 Truancy/10 unexcused absences
___R13 Used/exhibited/possessed/club
___R45 Truancy/failure to enroll
___R14 Used/exhibited/possessed/prohibited weapon
___R46 Aggravated robbery
___R16 Arson
___R47 Manslaughter
___R17 Murder/capital murder
___R48 Criminally negligent homicide
___R18 Indecency with child
___R49 Engages in deadly conduct
___R19 Aggravated kidnapping
___R50 Used/exhibited/possessed/non-illegal knife
___R20 Serious/persistent misconduct/AEC
___51 Firearm (off campus/300ft)
___R21 Violation SCOC (not in law or codes #33 or #34) ___52 Illegal knife, Club, Prohibited weapon (off campus/300ft)
___R22 Criminal mischief
___53 Serious Offense Conduct(off campus/300ft)
___R23 Emergency placement/expulsion
___54 Felony Marihuana, controlled substance, dangerous drug or Alcoholic beverage
___R26 Terroristic Threat
(off campus/300ft)
___R27 Assault(PC)school employee/volunteer
___55 Register Sex Offender (under court supervision)
___R28 Assault(PC)other than school employee/volunteer ___56 Register Sex Offender (not under court supervision
___R29 Agg assault(PC)school employee/volunteer
___57 Sexual abuse of a child Occurring on school property/event
___R30 Agg assault(PC)other than school employee/volunteer)
___A01Expulsion without placement in another educational setting
___A12 Cont/district’s expulsion/JJAEP/prior yr
___A02 Expulsion to JJAEP or Discretionary expulsion (R20-BAC only)
___A13 Placement in JJAEP/court order
___A04 Expulsion to an off-campus AEP or Discretionary expulsion
___A14 Placement in DAEP (TLC)/court order
___A05 Out-of-school suspension
___A15 Cont/other district’s expulsion/JJAEP
___A06 In-school suspension
___A16 Truancy/charges filed-JP court/fine assessed
___A07 Placement in AEC or Discretionary Placement in AEC
___A17 Truancy/charges filed-JP court/no fine assessed
___A08 Cont/other district’s AEP placement
___A25 Partial day OSS
___A09 Cont/other district’s expulsion order
___A26 Partial day ISS
___A10 Cont/district’s AEP placement/prior yr
* ___A27 Mandatory disciplinary action not taken by district as a result of ARD
___A11 Cont/district’s expulsion order/prior yr
___A28 Mandatory disciplinary action not taken by district to consider self
Defense, intent or lack of intent
*The following codes apply to students with disabilities only
Codes A50 through A60 must have PEIMS Office authorization
Discipline Administrator’s Signature
___00 No Difference
___01 Term modified by district
___02 Term modified by court order
___03 Term modified by dist/student and or parent
___04 Met requirements sooner than expected
___05 Student incarcerated
___06 Term decreased/health reasons
___07 Student withdrew
___08 School year ended
___09 Continuation of prior year
___10 Term modified by placement prog/stu behavior
___99 Other
Discipline Administrator’s Signature
Data Entry Signature
Date Entered
White: Originator
Pink: Clerk (initial discipline record)
Yellow: Clerk (monitoring of discipline record)
PEIMSDIS Form 09/13 Form PEM973-02 Media Center #11-164
BISD does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability or genetic information in employment or provision of services, programs or activities.