event fundraising toolkit Event Application Form

Event Application Form
Event Name: __________________________________________________________________________
Date: ___________________________________________ Time: ________________________________
Location (Address/Facility/City): __________________________________________________________
Contact Name: _______________________________________ Contact Phone: ____________________
Contact Address: ________________________________________________ Postal Code: ____________
Contact Email: _________________________________________________________________________
Fundraising Goal: ____________________ Expected Number of Attendees: _______________________
Description: ___________________________________________________________________________
Would you like a BBBST representative to attend the event (circle one)? Yes / No
If yes, what involvement will they have? Please note this is subject to availability.
□ Speech
□ Cheque Presentation
□ Press Conference
□ Other: _____________
Additional details: ______________________________________________________________________
Would you like to use the BBBST logo on your event promotional material (circle one)? If Yes, it will be
emailed to you at the above email address: Yes / No
Would you like a sample Event Checklist to assist in your planning (circle one)? Yes / No
I acknowledge that BBBST reserves the right to withdraw its name from the event at any time. I
acknowledge that I have read and understand the information contained in the BBBST Event Fundraising
Toolkit and will adhere to all of BBBST’s Fundraising Guidelines (page 3 – 4).
Applicant Name
Applicant Signature
BBBST Staff Name
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