Application Form: EC01 Individual Access to Animal Products E-cert

Ministry for Primary Industries
Pastoral House, 25 The Terrace
PO Box 2526, Wellington
ph: (04) 894 0926
[email protected]
Application Form: EC01 Individual Access to Animal Products E-cert
This form is for requesting new or amended access to Animal Products E-cert for individuals (or advising MPI of
changes to user contract details).
You cannot apply for E-cert access until your organisation has submitted an E-cert organisation to be billed
application form
Send the completed application form by email or post to the E-cert Administrator: [email protected]
PO Box 2526, Wellington 6140
If there are any changes to the details provided in this application subsequent to submitting, please inform MPI
Applicant Details
Full legal name of Applicant
Full legal name of organisation
Company name, partnership name
(including trading name) or sole trader
Phone number
Mobile number
Industry Sector (select all sectors you
will deal with)
Meat & Meat Products
Organisation to be Billed
The organisation that will be billed for your use of E-cert, refer E-cert billing and invoicing
Organisation to be Billed
Animal Products E-cert Permissions
Select “Yes” or “No” as appropriate
Export Certificates
Read only
Read only
Eligibility Documents
or Eligibility Declarations
Supporting Documents
EC01 July 2016
page 1
List the Exporter ID(s) and/or RMP premises ID(s) that you are responsible for and need access to:
Risk Management Premises lists:
Email notifications
Outgoing Yes
Select “Yes” if you want an email notification when a certificate changes status in E-cert (ALL certificates for your premises).
Applicant Declaration
I declare I have read, understood and accept the following:
Terms and Conditions of Use, refer
E-cert billing and invoicing information, refer
I am authorised to make this application and the information supplied is truthful and accurate to the best of
my knowledge.
Applicant Name
Business Authorisation
I declare that I am authorised to make this declaration on behalf of the premises / exporter(s) listed in Section 3
and that the applicant is authorised to access E-cert for the premises / exporter(s) listed.
Daytime Phone No
This must be completed by a person who has the authority to make a declaration on behalf of the premises /
exporter(s) listed above, eg Manager, Director.
EC01 July 2016
page 2
Eligibility Declarations
Ignore this page if you do not require access to Eligibility Declarations
Eligibility declarations can only be submitted by authorised users:
Dairy Users: To be eligible to submit dairy Eligibility Declarations you must be an authorised user as outlined
in the Animal Products: Official Assurances Specifications - Dairy Material and Dairy Products.
Seafood Users: To be eligible to submit seafood Eligibility Declarations you must be an authorised user as
outlined in Animal Products Official Assurances Specifications.
Bee Product Users: To be eligible to submit bee product Eligibility Declarations you must be an authorised
user as outlined in the European Union OMAR and Animal Products Official Assurances Specifications.
Note: Some E-cert users raise Eligibility Documents for a range of products. If you are authorised to action
Eligibility Declarations as well as Eligibility Documents for Verifier approval, you will have a separate E-cert User
Profile for each (or you will have Eligibility Declaration available to select, but not set as your default).
Eligibility Declaration access must be approved by a person who has the authority to make a declaration on
behalf of the premises listed, and then by your local MPI Verification Services representative or Recognised
Verifying Agency Manager.
Business Approval
I declare that I am authorised to make this declaration on behalf of the premises listed below. I request the
following Eligibility Declaration profile(s) for those premises.
Products requested
Select relevant
Bee Products
Premises requested
List premises ID(s)
Daytime Phone No
MPI Verification Services or Recognised Verifying Agency Team Leader Approval
I approve Eligibility Declaration profile(s) for the premises / exporter(s) listed above.
VS Certification Stamp
or RA designation
EC01 July 2016
page 3
Privacy Policy
1. We may collect information about users. This information can be personally identifiable information or
aggregated data. We want to ensure that you understand the terms and conditions relating to the way in
which we collect information and the use of that information. This Privacy Policy tells you about what
information we collect, what we do with it, and your rights to view, correct or change it.
The Information we collect
2. We will collect your personal information directly from you, not from any other source (unless you consent to
us doing so).
3. Billing information is generated and stored by the E-cert system and may include personal information.
Purpose of Collection
4. Your personal information is collected to enable the operation of the E-cert system, which is the electronic
application supporting the export of animals, animal material and animal products, via Government- toGovernment official assurances of compliance with New Zealand’s export requirement, and overseas market
access requirements.
Use of your personal information
5. Your personal information will only be used by us as follows:
• allowing you to become a registered user of this application (which is designed, primarily for
Government to Government assurances for export of animal products from New Zealand);
• allowing us to operate and make improvements to the E-cert application
• allowing us to invoice you for the provision of E-cert services;
• Statistical use (non-identifiable information only);
• any other use, not inconsistent with the above purposes, and supporting the Import and Export supply
chain, that is determined by us from time to time
• reports back to your billing company
Security and disclosure
6. Transactions in E-cert are recorded each time you use E-cert. Your personal information (and information
relating to your transactions in E-cert) is held within a secure environment.
7. Your personal information in E-cert may potentially be viewed by the following types of approved E-cert user
other than yourself (for purposes connected with the legitimate role of those other users in the export chain):
• recognised agencies
• your company coordinator or billing company
• the MPI Super User (E-cert administrator)
• E-cert system support technicians,
but may not be disclosed to any other persons without your consent, or unless reasonably required for
operation of the E-cert system.
8. E-cert interacts with a number of other MPI and external systems, to or from which personal information is
transmitted or received from time to time to allow the operation of E-cert.
We Can Change This Privacy Policy
9. We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. By using an application, you agree to be bound
by the latest version
Your Right to Access Your Information
10. You have the right under Information Privacy Principles 6 and 7 to:
• confirm whether we hold particular personal information about you;
• access and correct the information you have supplied to us in accordance with the provisions of the
Privacy Act 1993, or to request us to do so.
11. We are happy to discuss any concerns that you may have about providing the information that we require. For
further information regarding the information that we hold about you, you may contact the relevant application
EC01 July 2016
page 4