Farringtons School Sixth Form Driving Policy

Farringtons School
Sixth Form Driving
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Farringtons School Sixth Form Driving Policy
Driving to and from school is a Sixth Form privilege. Permission must be granted by the Head
and can be withdrawn at any time, if the rules are not adhered to.
Pupils who drive to school must have a full and clean driving licence and their cars must have
valid insurance, road tax disc and MOT. They must keep the school informed of any changes. It is up
to the parents of both the driver and passenger giving permission to be happy that this is all in place.
Before any pupil drives to school, they must have completed the Permission to Drive Form
(Appendix 1) which is emailed to Lower Sixth parents at the end of the Summer Term or may be
obtained from the Assistant Head Pastoral and Boarding or Head of Sixth Form. It must be signed by
the driver and a parent/guardian before being returned to school and signed off by the Head.
If at a later stage your child passes their test and wishes to keep their car at Farringtons
school, a new form must be completed and returned to the Head of Sixth Form.
The Permission to Drive Form contains details of the driver’s car registration number, model
a copy of the form will be returned to the driver after all the signatures have been obtained. No
pupil may drive to or from school without being in possession of this form. The form should be kept
in the car and must be shown to members of the teaching or site team, if requested.
It is the driver’s responsibility to inform the Assistant Head Pastoral and Boarding and the
Head of Sixth Form of any change of car, registration number or rescue service, even if such a
change is only temporary (e.g. use of parental, courtesy or company car).
1.7 Pupils may only drive to and from school at the start and end of the school day (or at the start
and end of the school week, if they are boarders). They should not leave school premises in their car
at any other time, unless permission has been granted by the Head of Sixth Form. Permission may be
granted for occasions such as medical appointments, but not for lunch outings or shopping trips.
Parents should give advance notice in writing/by email to the Head of Sixth Form who will then
decide whether permission should be granted.
Pupils may not park within the school grounds and are expected to park within Perry street
Car Park. The only exceptions are for the purpose of loading or unloading the vehicle. A breach of
this may result in the privilege being withdrawn.
If groups of pupils go on a school outing (e.g. sporting fixtures, formal or informal meals out,
e.g. Hockey dinners etc.), they may not use their private cars, apart from exceptional circumstances
when permission has been granted by the Head of Sixth Form. Staff who organise such outings
should be responsible for organising school transport/minibuses themselves, or for booking taxis.
1.10 Pupils may only drive other Farringtons school pupils after they have passed their test for 3
months, and when the parents of both the driver and passenger have given permission.
1.11 Pupils may not take other pupils as passengers, unless their parents and the parents of the
passenger have signed the relevant section of the Permission to be a Passenger Form which only
covers Upper Sixth pupils. Arrangements for pupils other than Upper Sixth travelling as passengers in
a car needs to be requested separately to the Head and permission would only be granted in
exceptional circumstances. This includes pupils with younger siblings.
1.12 It is the pupils responsibility to ensure that only pupils who are authorised to do so get into
their car, and to only get into the car of authorised drivers.
Farringtons School Permission to Drive Form
Name of student
Form Tutor
Name of Parent
Emergency contact
number for parent
Reasons for needing
to drive
Car Registration
Sibling(s) within
Yes/No (Please delete)
Car colour, make and
model (ie Black BMW 118d)
Year group
The school has a duty of care to ensure that pupils who drive to Farringtons school do so in a
responsible manner and do not put themselves and/or other pupils at risk during the school day.
I, therefore, understand that by allowing my son/daughter to drive to school he/she must adhere to
the following regulations:
The vehicle will be fully insured and have a valid MOT.
No pupils car should be driven onto the school site at any time.
No passengers may be driven by my son/daughter unless permission has been granted in
writing by both sets of parents and agreed by the Head of Sixth Form Assistant Head
Pastoral and Boarding. This should be restricted to lifts directly to and from school.
My son/daughter will carry the this form within their vehicle at all times, giving them
permission to drive to school and to park Perry Street.
If my son/daughter is found to be in breach of any of these regulations then permission to
drive to school may be revoked.
Parent name
Head of Sixth
Form name
Head of Sixth
If required the Head or Assistant Head Pastoral and Boarding will confirm permission