Rating Category Objection Form

Rating Category Objection Form
Privacy Notice: Rockhampton Regional Council is collecting the personal information you supply on this form for the purpose of
processing your application. Your personal details will not be disclosed to any other person or Agency external to Council without your
consent unless required or authorised by law.
This form is to be completed when a customer wishes to object to their assigned general rating category. Please note that
objections in relation to the owner-occupied general rating category should be made via the Owner-Occupied Rates Concession
Application Form. Please refer to Revenue Statement for further information on general rating categories.
Customer Details
Owner name:
Date of birth:
Postal address:
Preferred contact number:
Rate notice issue date:
Being the owner/s of the land described below, I/we hereby give notice that I/we wish to object to the category in which the land
has been included for the purposes of making and levying a differential general rate and included on the rate notice issued by
Property Details (to be obtained from the relevant rate notice)
Property address:
Assessment number:
Differential rating category: (current)
The category in which I am/ we are of the opinion the land should have been included is:
The facts and circumstances on which my/our opinion is based are as follows:
Additional Information
Owners of rateable land have the right to object to the category that their land is included in.
For this objection to be valid it must be:
 Signed by the owner/s; and
 Submitted to the Chief Executive Officer within 30 days of the date of issue of the relevant rate notice via email or
post to the address at the top of this form.
Upon receipt of the objection Council will review the differential rating category and notify the owner accordingly.
Please pay the net amount shown on your rate notice by the due date unless you receive written notification from Council
of a category adjustment.
Lodgement of a notice of objection will not affect the levy and recovery of rates.
FIN05 | V1 | Approved 2 May 2016
File 10761 – Kylie Lindley – QDAN 480 v.4 – 25.7.3 – 7 years
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