Home Occupations

Home Occupation Zoning Verification
Please read and complete the following form for zoning verification of your home occupation.
Section 22.32.100 of the Marin County Code allows for home occupations that are secondary to
a residential use, and compatible with surrounding uses. A “Home Occupation” is any use
customarily conducted entirely on properties where residences are authorized and carried on
only by its residents. Home occupations shall comply with all of the following operating
Permit requirement. A business license shall be obtained/posted in compliance with Title
5, Chapter 5.54 (Business Licenses) of the County Code for home occupations, which are
allowed as accessory uses in all residential zoning districts. Home occupations shall comply
with all health, sanitary, and fire codes.
Operating standards.
Accessory use. The home occupation shall be clearly secondary to the full-time
residential use of the property, and shall not cause noise, odors, and other activities not
customarily associated with residential uses.
Visibility. The use shall not require any modification not customarily found in a
dwelling, nor shall the home occupation activity be visible from the adjoining public
right-of-way or from neighboring properties.
Display, signs. There shall be no window display or advertising sign(s), other than one
name plate not exceeding one square foot in area. There shall be no display of
merchandise or stock in trade or other identification of the home occupation activity on
the premises.
Parking. The use shall not impact the on-street parking in the neighborhood. Section
22.04.340 of the Marin County Code (Minimum Required Parking Spaces) calls for two
resident and two guest parking spaces for detached single family residences.
Safety. Activities conducted and equipment or material used shall not change the fire
safety or occupancy classifications of the premises. The use shall not employ the
storage of flammable, explosive, or hazardous materials unless specifically approved by
the County Fire Department, in compliance with Title 16 (Fire) of the County Code.
Off-site effects. No home occupation activity shall create dust, electrical interference,
fumes, gas, glare, light, noise, odor, smoke, toxic/hazardous materials, vibration, or
other hazards or nuisances as determined by the Director.
Employees. Home occupations may be authorized to have a maximum of one
nonresident employee with a Use Permit, in compliance with Chapter 22.48.
Please note that the following uses are examples of prohibited activities that are not incidental
to or compatible with residential activities, and are therefore prohibited as home occupations:
1. Adult businesses;
2. Dance or night clubs;
3. Mini storage;
4. Storage of equipment, materials, and other accessories for the construction and service
5. Vehicle repair (body or mechanical), upholstery, automobile detailing and painting;
6. Welding and machining;
7. Any use which generates more than one client appointment at a time; and
8. Any other use not incidental to or compatible with residential activities as determined by the
Property Owner Statement
I hereby certify that I have read this verification form and that to the best of my knowledge, my
home occupation complies with the information in this verification form. I understand that any
misstatement or omission of the requested information shall be grounds for rejecting the
verification, deeming the verification incomplete, denying the application related to this
verification, suspending or revoking a permit issued on the basis of these or subsequent
representations, or for the seeking of such other and further relief as may seem proper to the
County of Marin.
I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is
true and correct and that this verification was signed at
____________________________________, California on ____________________________.
Signature of Property Owner(s)