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Important Information for Using the SAT Score Verification Service
The hand score verification process is performed only once per test, using all information available.
If you have information that you think could affect the results of the verification process, report it to
Customer Service at 866-756-7346 (+1-212-713-7789 from international locations). Once hand score
verification results are reported they are final, so give us any additional information you may have
when you submit the form.
When to consider requesting score verification:
– If your score is very different from what you expected, you may have made an obvious mistake in
marking your answers, in which case we will attempt to rescore your test. Examples of obvious errors:
gridding your answers in the wrong section or marking the circle for Biology-E when you meant
Biology-M (or vice versa).
– If your essay is blank or completely illegible when you view it in your online score report, you may
have written your essay in ink (which does not scan properly). We will rescore an essay that didn’t
scan properly.
When you may not want to consider requesting score verification:
– If you see your correct essay online and it is readable. In this case, you may not want to ask us to
verify your essay score. Essay score verification does not include rereading the essay or an appeal
of your essay score.
– If you did not use a No. 2 pencil or if you did not mark your multiple-choice answers according to
our guidelines, we will not rescore your answer sheet, and your score will not change. Examples of
not following the guidelines: using slashes, not completely or darkly filling in the answer circles, or
not marking the circles for your student-produced responses in the math section. Some examples
of marks that do not conform to our guidelines are below.
– Remember that your scores could go down. If your scores are fairly close to what you expected to
receive, and if you don’t think you made any errors in marking your answers, you may want to think
twice about incurring the additional cost of score verification.
Important notes regarding refunds:
– Your score verification fee will be refunded only if your score changes because of an irregularity in
our scanning and/or scoring processes.
– Your score verification fee will not be refunded in the following circumstances:
If your score doesn’t change.
If your score changes because of an obvious error you made in marking your answer sheet
(see above for examples).
If you wrote your essay in pen, or otherwise failed to follow directions for marking your answers
and completing test information.
Request for SAT
Score Verification
For official use only. Do not write inside this box.
Use this form to request verification of your scores on the SAT® or SAT Subject Tests™. Fill in each section completely —
forms that are incomplete, received more than five months after the test date, or submitted without payment or signature
will be returned unprocessed. Please review the preceding important information before using this service.
Please complete all the information below. Print clearly.
If you used a fee waiver to register for the SAT or
SAT Subject Tests, check the box below and pay the
reduced fee(s).
Test Date (month / day / year) (Required) Registration #
I registered with an SAT fee waiver. By signing this
form, I am confirming my use of a fee waiver for the
test date noted on this form.
Last Name (Required)
First Name (Required)
Sex: F
Birth Date (month / day / year) (Required)
I am requesting verification of the following score(s) from
the test date noted on this form:
Multiple-choice hand score verification
Street Address (Required)
City (Required)
State (Required) (U.S. only)
Country (Required)
ZIP/Postal Code (Required)
Fee: $55 $
(for fee-waiver user: $ 27.50)
Essay score verification (SAT only)
Fee: $55 $
(for fee-waiver user: $ 27.50)
High School Name
Email Address
Total amount enclosed $
Once you submit this request with payment, you will be charged the total
amount, and the request cannot be canceled.
Multiple-choice and/or essay score verification may result in higher or lower scores than first reported. Results are FINAL
and will automatically be rereported to all designated score recipients.
You cannot appeal or reorder a hand score verification. Once you use this service, less rigorous forms of score verification,
such as the Question-and-Answer Service or Student Answer Service, can no longer be provided for your test.
If your marks did not follow the published guidelines for marking the answer sheet, your scores will not change, and your
fee will not be refunded.
The verification of essay scores does not include rereading the essay or an appeal of the essay score. The score verification
fee will not be refunded for essays written in pen.
By signing this form, you confirm that you agree with the Terms and Conditions on this form and the accompanying
document, Important Information for Using the SAT Score Verification Service. You also certify that you are the person
whose personal information is being provided for this service.
Student’s signature: (Required)
Mailing and Payment Information
I have enclosed my payment by (select one):
Check or money order made payable to The College Board
Credit Card:
American Express
Discover/Diners Club
For credit cards, fill out information below:
Credit Card Number
Mail your completed form
and payment to:
Exp. Date (month/year)
Name of Cardholder
SAT Program
P.O. Box 7503
London, KY 40742-7503
Signature of Cardholder (Required for credit card payments)
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