Indemnity Form Submission Guide

Indemnity Form Submission Guide
It is an NTU legal requirement that each of you submit an indemnity form prior to your embarkation
on a GEM Discoverer programme. Please read the following notes carefully before doing a
You will need the following information and scanned copies of the documents (where applicable) to
help you in completing the indemnity form:
Bio-data page of your passport
Insurance policy
Flight itinerary or e-ticket
Next-of-Kin contact information
Key information on the GEM Discoverer Programme you are participating in
When you have all the information required at hand, click on the link below and complete the online
indemnity form.
1. Click on “Click here to submit your indemnity form” to proceed.
Step 1
2. Fill in all the required information.
3. All dates are to be filled in using the format: DD-MMM-YYYY e.g. 08-NOV-2014. Or click on
the ‘Select’ to choose the relevant dates.
4. Signatures are only required on the hardcopy Indemnity form.
Step 5
5. Click “Preview Submission of Indemnity Form” and check if all information is filled and
Click “Go Back” to return to the previous page if you need to edit any information.
6. Submit Indemnity form.
7. After submission, the browser should bring you to “Submission of Online Indemnity Form”
webpage as shown below.
Step 8
Step 10
Step 12
8. Please go to “Click here to view the submitted Indemnity Form” to view your submitted form.
9. Print a copy of the submitted indemnity form and get it signed by the relevant signatories. If
you are under the age of 21 at the point of submission, please get your parent or guardian to
All signatures must be original hand-signed signatures in ink. Electronic signatures are not
10. Upload the following documents to the online system:
• Bio-data page of passport
• Signed indemnity form
(As the indemnity form may only be uploaded once per submission, please check that
information entered in the indemnity form is accurate and it is signed by all signatories
before upload.)
• Insurance policy
(Please upload only the first page or first few pages containing particulars of the insured, the
policy number and type of policy.)
• Flight itinerary or e-ticket
(Prior to departure, please input your flight details and upload your flight itinerary or e-ticket)
11. If you need to make any amendments (such as flight details) after submission, you may
access the same weblink provided above and make the necessary changes. It will not be
necessary to upload a revised indemnity form as the system will capture the new
The signed indemnity form can only be uploaded once.
12. When you have settled in the host country and host university, please provide your overseas
address and contact details.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is it compulsory to purchase insurance?
All NTU students must ensure that they have the appropriate health and travel insurance
coverage. The travel insurance should offer continuous coverage for the entire programme
duration (at least the day you depart for the programme and the day you return to
Singapore). The policy should offer a wide range of travel inconveniences benefits (ie. flight
delays, loss of baggage). It should cover medical expenses for both illnesses and accidents,
any emergency or medical evacuation expenses. You can choose any suitable travel
insurance policy underwritten by an insurance corporation, as long as it is managed by a
reputable agency and fulfills the requirements.
**Failure to do so may result in cancellation of placement.
2. Should I get a health / travel insurance or both?
Please check with your insurer or an insurance agent if the health insurance includes travel
insurance. If it does not, please get both.
3. What do I fill in for the Health and Travel Insurance Policy Details?
Fill in the information based on the insurance you’ve purchased.
For students who have purchased insurance from the host university, kindly check with your
host university if the insurance covers you against any travel inconveniences. If it does not,
please purchase a travel insurance.
4. Can I purchase the insurance from a foreign company/foreign country?
Yes, you may purchase insurance from your home country as long as the purchased
insurance provides overseas coverage for the entire programme duration.
5. Can I purchase group travel insurance together with my friends and share the same
insurance number?
Yes, you may do so. Please make sure that it provides overseas coverage for the entire
programme duration.
6. What if I’m having issues with the inputting of dates in the online indemnity form?
Please select the dates from the calendar by clicking on the “Select” Button. If you are still
facing issues, please try using different browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.).
7. What should I do if I encountered other difficulties and require assistance?
You may email [email protected] or drop by OGEM during our consultation
hours from 9.30am to 12.30pm.