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Example interactive PDF form
This example form shows the various data fields available in the pdf format.
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Radio Buttons
Radio buttons are used when you want the
recipient to make a single selection from a list.
PDF files can be made to perform different tasks.
The button below resets this form once pressed
but it could redirect the recipient to a particular
page, open a web link or play media, just to
name a few.
Text Field
Text fields are used to insert single or multiple
lines of text and can be made to scroll.
Digital Signature
Check Boxes
Check boxes are used when you want the
recipient to make multiple selections from a list.
You use a digital signature much like a
handwritten signature – to approve documents.
A digital signature verifies your identity and may
include a photo, an image of your handwritten
signature, or other personal details that you
choose. Document authors can attest to the
contents of their documents by adding a
certifying signature.
Choose the pets you would consider owning.
List box
As the name says, it’s a list in a box from which
the recipient can highlight a single item.
Choose the pets you would consider owning.
Click here to view an online video of how to
setup a digital ID and sign a document.
If your organisation blocks access to You Tube
here is the URL so you can look at it later.
Combo box
The combo box is a drop down menu from
which the recipient can choose one of the
selections are type in a custom response.