Transfer Unit(s) Verification Form

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Transfer Unit(s) Verification Form
The Transfer Unit(s) Verification Form is used when a student plans to enroll at a community college while
attending CSU Dominguez Hills during the same semester. Students who wish to have the units attempted at
both institutions count toward their Federal Pell Grant eligibility are required to complete this form.
Please Note: If you are already enrolled in 12 units (full-time) at CSUDH, you do not need to complete this
form. After the completed form is submitted to the CSUDH Financial Aid Office, the community college will be
contacted to verify your enrollment.
To be eligible to use this form, students must be:
1) Enrolled in a minimum of six units at CSUDH or enrolled in the majority of their units at CSUDH; and
2) Have not transferred 70 units to CSUDH.
Students must obtain the appropriate advisor(s) signature before returning this form to the Financial Aid Office:
 Academic Advisor’s signature is required for General Education courses
 Major Advisor’s signature is required for lower division courses in the students’ academic major(s) and/or
Course(s) to be completed:
Department, Number & Title
Community College* Name and Address
1. ____________________________
_____ ________
2. ____________________________
_____ ________
_____ ________
*Please confirm that the community college Financial Aid Office(s) participate(s) in Consortium Agreements.
To be completed by appropriate advisor:
1. Indicate the number of units from above course(s) eligible for transfer toward baccalaureate degree: ______
2. Has this student transferred 70 units from a community college? _____Yes _____No
3. Course(s) transferable to CSUDH:
Area (General Education area or major/minor)
Advisor Name: __________________________
Department: ______________________________
Advisor Signature: _______________________
Date: ____________________________________
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