Florida Medical Records Release Form 3

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Authorization for the Use, Disclosure and Receipt of Protected Health Information
I request and authorize:
To release my medical information to:
Specific Medical Records Requested – PLEASE INDICATE DATES OF SERVICE_____/_____/_____ to _____/_____/_____.
(Note: Only the most recent edition/form will be sent unless dates of service are specified):
Please check the boxes adjacent to the items for which you are requesting disclosure.
Consultation Reports
General Health Records1
Immunization Records
Laboratory Reports
Medication List
Psychiatry Clinic2
Physicals (General, Athletic, etc.)
Problem List
Diagnostic Tests (Specify)________________
I understand that the information in my general health records may include information relating to: Drug/Alcohol Abuse, STI/STDs,
HIV/AIDS, Behavioral or Mental Health and Genetics.
I understand that a summary of the Psychiatry Clinic records may be provided in lieu of complete Psychiatry records at the discretion
of the Psychiatry Clinic clinician.
Please check the boxes adjacent to the reasons for disclosure.
Continued Medical Care
Personal Reasons
Changing PCP & Discontinuing Care at this Office
Leaving Town & Transferring Records to New Physician
Other: _____________________________________________________________________________________
I understand that once information is disclosed, the information is subject to re-disclosure and may no longer be protected by federal privacy regulations.
I understand that I have a right to revoke this authorization at any time except in the case that action has already been taken in regards to the request for
authorization. I understand that if I revoke this authorization I must do so in writing and present my written revocation to the Health Information Management
Department. I understand the revocation will not apply to my health plan when the law provides my plan with the right to contest a claim under my policy.
Unless otherwise revoked, this authorization will expire in six (6) months from the date signed below.
I understand that authorizing the disclosure of this health information is voluntary. I can refuse to sign this authorization. I do not need to sign this form in order
to assure treatment. I understand I may inspect or copy the information used or disclosed as provided in CFR 164.524. If I have questions about disclosure of my
health information I can contact the Health Information Management Department Supervisor or Privacy Officer; I may also refer to the Notice of Privacy Practices
provided to me at my initial visit at University Health Services or review it on University Health Services website at www.uhs.fsu.edu.
Expiration Date: _______________________________________
(If left blank, authorization will expire six (6) months)
Name___________________________________________Birthdate______/______/______ Phone (_____) _______-__________
Address __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Signature of Patient or Legal Representative ___________________________________________________________________
This information has been disclosed to you from confidential records protected from disclosure by state and federal law. No further disclosure of this information should be
done without specific, written and informed release of the individual to who it pertains or as permitted by state law (FL395.017, 455.241 and 394.459) and federal law 42 CFR, part II.
Prohibition on re-disclosure of information pertaining to alcohol and drug abuse records: This information has been disclosed to you from records protected by
Federal confidentiality rules (42 CFR Part 2). The Federal rules prohibit you from making any further disclosure of this information unless further disclosure is expressly permitted by the
written consent of the person to whom it pertains or is otherwise permitted by 42 CFR Part 2. A general authorization for the release of medical or other information is NOT sufficient for this
purpose. The Federal rules restrict any use of the information to criminally investigate or prosecute any alcohol or drug abuse patient.
Please Note:
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