Intellectual Property Rights form FAQs.

In an effort to protect copyright owner’s rights, QCA, Inc. participates in the International Recording Media Association’s (IRMA) Anti-Piracy Compliance Program. This program benefits you by
protecting copyright owners from unauthorized reproduction of their property. In addition, this program
requires that QCA, Inc. obtain proof that you have the required licensing for any and all content included on CDs submitted for replication. Please fill out this form in its entirety and submit it with your
order. Orders without this form cannot be processed.
Intellectual Property Rights form FAQs.
s7HATIS)NTELLECTUAL0ROPERTYIntellectual property is an asset, and as such it can be bought, sold,
licensed, exchanged, or gratuitously given away like any other form of property. Intellectual property is intangible, that is, it cannot be defined or identified by its own physical parameters. It must be
expressed in some discernible way to be protectable. The intellectual property owner has the right to
prevent unauthorized use or sale of the property.
sConfused about how to label the distribution of your project?
-Check “Within an organization” if you are only distributing inside an organization or company.
-Check “Retail” if product will be sold.
-Check “Free to public” if product is for promotional use only.
-Check “Other” if choice is not listed above. (Ex. World Wide Web sold on location etc.)
sIs this an Enhanced #$If so, fill out both sections #1 (ROM) and #2 (Audio) on the IPR form.
Also, be sure to attach licensing documentation as applicable for any third party software/content.
s!REYOUTHEARTISTIf not, a completed QCA, Inc. Audio Manufacturing Agreement needs to be sent
in along with the IPR form. This form must be filled out completely and signed by the artist. In case
of a compilation, an Audio Manufacturing Agreement will be needed from each artist or band.
s)STHISACOMPILATIONIf so, attach Intellectual Property Rights Ownership for each track individually
as needed.
s.OTSUREWHATCONTENTMUSICTYPEYOURPROJECTISThis is referring to the style of content/music.
Ex. Rock, Rap, Country, Latin, Spoken Word.
CD-Audio Product Identification Form
To protect your intellectual property rights as a musician or record label, QCA, Inc. participates in the International Recording Media Association’s Anti-Piracy
Compliance Program. This program benefits you by protecting copyright owners from unauthorized reproduction of their property.
Please fill out this form in its entirety and submit it with your order. Orders without this form cannot be processed.
1. Provide us with the name of your QCA, Inc. Product Specialist or Account Manager, the name your account is in, the contact person, and daytime
contact information.
2. The title of your album and name of the artist. If this is a compilation with multiple artists, check yes, and fill in the various artists’ names in section
3 below. Also include your project’s release number.
3. If the whole album is by one artist, put the artist’s name on the first line only. If there are multiple artists on the recording, please fill out the artist’s
name for each track.
4. Please provide the full song title for each track.
5. We appreciate your adding the individual song times, in minutes and seconds, if available.
6. Please provide information about who owns the rights to the master. If you recorded the song, please put “client” in this field. If the recording is
by someone else (another artist) and/or the recording is the property of someone else, you must put their name in this field, and provide a
copy of the contract authorizing you to reproduce their recording. Note: This field pertains only to the rights to the recording (i.e. the recorded
performance on the master), and not mechanical copyrights. If you record a cover song whose copyrights belong to a third party you must obtain
a mechanical license prior to duplication. In the case of a cover version you’ve recorded, you can put “client” in this field, since the rights to the
recording belong to you.
1. Your Account Information
QCA, Inc. Customer Service Representative:
Customer name
Contact Person (if different from above)
Daytime Phone:
2. Album/Project Information
Album/Project Title:
Artist Name:
N Yes N No
Release Number:
3. Artist
Control Number: (QCA, Inc. use only)
4. Song Title
5. Time
6. Intellectual Property Rights Owner
Please add separate sheets if additional space is needed.
QCA, Inc. reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to investigate the ownership of any and all materials provided for manufacturing. If QCA, Inc. determines, or has reason to believe, that the customer
does not have the authority to reproduce the product or materials provided, QCA, Inc. will have no further obligations to the customer to provide any reproduction services or any other services under
any agreements with respect to such product or materials, and will return such product or materials to the customer. By reserving these rights, QCA, Inc. does not in any way assume an obligation to investigate or verify ownership of any and all intellectual property or other materials provided by the customer, and QCA, Inc. will rely solely on the customer’s representations and warranties, as provided
under QCA, Inc.’s CD-Audio Product Identification Form.
I declare that the above information is correct, that I have the right to reproduce this project, and that I agree to QCA, Inc.’s standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.
Print Name: __________________________________________Signature: __________________________________________________Date: __________________
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Form
To be submitted with every order.
vLetters of Indemnity are not adequate.
vLICENSED content requires proof of licensing for replication.
vOWNED content indicates the individual/organization completing this form is the IPR owner.
vMust be completed by the organization soliciting replication and not a broker or intermediary.
Album/Project Title______________________________________________________________________
Distribution Within an organization___ Retail___ Free to public___ Other__________________________
Countries Where Distributed ______________________________________________________________
Are you the IPR owner for the entire disc contents? ____ YES ____ NO*
Complete the section(s) below describing the content that is applicable to the media you have ordered.
MP3 or Enhanced Disc content requires completion of both ROM and Audio sections.
1. CD-ROM / DVD-ROM Content
*If Not IPR owner, list all included non-owned software, freeware, and shareware products. Attach
necessary distribution licensing documentation from the IPR owner. Some shareware and freeware
products require distribution licensing. Consult the software vendor for what is necessary.
2. CD / DVD Audio Content
Check Here if COMPILATION ____
Artist(s) _________________________________________ Content/Music Type ______________________
An attached list of track title, artist, and IPR owner is REQUIRED. Sampling/mixing of additional recordings
not owned (regardless of type, quantity, and length) requires licensing of those original recordings.
*If Not IPR owner, proof of replication licensing from IPR owner for licensed tracks is REQUIRED.
3. CD / DVD Video Content (if Audio is separately licensed, complete Audio section and provide necessary Audio/Video Synchronization licensing)
*If Not IPR owner, proof of replication licensing from IPR owner is REQUIRED.
I affirm that all information provided herein is true and that all disc contents indicated as being “licensed” are properly licensed for replication under
the terms of the original rights holder(s) with proof of such licensing and/or trademark authorization attached. I affirm that I am the intellectual property
rights owner for all contents indicated as being “owned” and approve of replication. I agree to abide by the current version of the Anti-Piracy Compliance Program procedures and standards of the International Recording Media Association (available at QCA, Inc. reserves
the right to refuse the processing of any order not complying with the Anti-Piracy Compliance Program guidelines.
Print Organization Name & Telephone # of Party Soliciting Order ___________________________________________________________________
Signature of Representative from Party Soliciting Order __________________________________________________________________________
Print Name, Title, & Date __________________________________________________________________________________________________
Rev. 3-14-01
International Recording Media Association