National Verbatim Reporters Association
CVR® Workshop | In-Person Written Knowledge
Saturday, September 17, 2016
CVR®-CM Certification Test
Sunday, September 18, 2016
Online Written Knowledge Test
September 23 - October 6, 2016
TEST REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, September 9, 2016
Space at the Dictation Skills Test may be limited. All registrations will be on a first-come, first-served
basis. Late registrations will only be accepted on a space-available basis.
• In-person Written Knowledge Test, Saturday, September 17, 2016, 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
• CVR® Workshop, Saturday, September 17, 1:00-5:00 p.m.
• CVR®-CM Testing, Sunday, September 18, 2016. The doors to the test room will open at 8:45
a.m. for equipment setup and practice. No one will be allowed in the test room prior to that time. You
must be set up and ready to begin when doors close at 9:15 a.m.
Please consult NVRA’s comprehensive publication, CVR-CM Certification Rules, Policies, and
Procedures (Revised 8-10-16) for testing criteria, requirements, and general information on the
testing process. This document can be found online at www.nvra.org, under the
“Testing/Certification” tab: Click on “Testing Schedule” and “Downloads.” If you have questions
regarding the testing process after having thoroughly read this document, please email your
question(s) to: [email protected] Put “Testing Question” in the reference line. Your question(s)
will be forwarded to NVRA’s Test Administration Committee for response.
Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport-South
1899 Sullivan Road
College Park, Georgia, USA, 30337
NVRA has reserved a block of rooms at the rate of $89 per night, excluding taxes. Please reference National
Verbatim Reporters Association when booking. Cut-off for rooms at this rate is September 2, 2016. To reserve
rooms at this rate, call 1-888-492-8847 and give them code G-NVR1 or go online to register:
Daily parking is currently $8 per car per day. If you are flying in to Atlanta, complimentary airport shuttle from
Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is available.
NOTE: NVRA must receive a copy of the complete application (pages 1 & 2) before you are officially registered to
test. Even if you pay testing fees on-line at nvra.org, the application must still be submitted to Member Services by
mail, fax or email.
NVRA Test Registration Packet: Page 1:4
NVRA Testing Application – Page 1:
Fill Out Form Completely
Mailing Address:
City: _______________________________________ State: __________ Zip:____________________________
Phone: (Daytime Number) (_______)_____________________ (Evening Number) (_______)______________________________
Email address: [email protected]_____________________________________________________
 Check here to grant NVRA permission to release test scores to this email address. If not checked, scores will be
mailed to your mailing address above.
NVRA generally publishes the names of our members who earn their certification in our eVoice newsletter and on our
social media pages. Check here if you wish to be excluded from any social media or print recognition.
Photo ID and NVRA Confirmation Letter will be required at registration on test day.
Proof of Education
 Enclosed  On file from previous NVRA test
First time testers, we must have documentation of proof of education before you can test. Attach copy of high school
diploma, GED or equivalent, or college diploma.
Where will you be testing?
 Atlanta, GA
I am a member of NVRA in good standing:
Training received from:
 School (specify) _________________________ 
Mentor 
Self-taught 
I am attaching application
Have you ever been convicted of a felony? Yes No If yes, please list charge and date on a separate piece of
I will be using the following equipment:
 Digital Recorder - Select One:  Single track  Multi-track
 Voice Recognition System (specify) _______________________________________________________________
I am submitting a Medical Release Form.  No  Yes
This form is available in the CVR-CM Certification Testing Rules, Policies, and Procedures Manual at www.nvra.org.
I have read, thoroughly understand, and agree to abide by the Testing Rules, Policies, and Procedures of the
National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA) and the special rules regarding computer testing. I hold NVRA
harmless from power interruptions, operator error, or other mishap resulting in loss of data during testing and
downloading. I have read and agree to the cancellation policy.
NVRA reserves the right to amend the Registration document.
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NVRA Office Use Only:  Paid  Education
NVRA Test Registration Packet: Page 2:4
NVRA Testing Application – Page 2
Important – Please print your name in the event registration pages get separated.
CVR Workshop - $125.00 | Saturday, September 17, 2016
Required before first testing) If you have previously taken the CVR workshop, please list date and location:___________________________.
$75.00 (Optional) -- Repeat Workshop for the 2nd Time
$125.00 (Optional) -- Repeat Workshop for 3rd or Additional Times
CVR-CM Test - $150.00 | Sunday, September 18, 2016
 First Time  Subsequent Test
Different name under which you have previously tested: ________________________________________________
Online Written Test - $125.00 | Test Must be Taken Online from September 23-October 6, 2016
 First Time
 Subsequent Test
Visit the following Web site to locate a testing facility closest to you. Please note that there may not be a test facility
located in the city where you reside. Locate a test facility: http://comiratesting.com/html/candidates/locations.html
Location where you have selected to test: _________________________________________________________
Written Test in Person- $125.00 | Saturday, September 17, 2016
 First Time
Subsequent Test
Late Fee Add $50 if registering after September 9, 2016
No registrations without authorization after this date. (Contact the NVRA office for availability.)
NVRA Membership Fees $___________ 
Already a current member of NVRA
You must be a member of NVRA in order to test. If you are NOT already a member, complete & submit the membership
application that is included with this packet.
NVRA Flash Drives - $15.00 Three flash drives – these will be given to you on-site and will not be returned.
You can pay these fees on-line at nvra.org but this paperwork must still be submitted to
Member Services by mail, fax or email.
 Check / Money Order– Made to NVRA (US Funds)
 Paid on line
 Credit Card:  VISA  MasterCard  American Express
 Discover
Card # ______________________________________________ Exp:___________Security Code:_______
Print Name:___________________________________Signature:________________________________
Total Fees Dues: $_______________
Return by Mail:
NVRA | 629 N Main Street | Hattiesburg, MS 39401
Return by FAX:
Return Scanned Documents by email to: [email protected]
Need to Order Study or Practice Materials?
Visit the NVRA website: www.nvra.org
Click on the “Shop NVRA” tab at the top and then “NVRA Practice Materials.”
NVRA Test Registration Packet: Page 3:4
Please see testing application for payment information. This application is for new members who are joining to test.
Last Name ______________________
First _________________
MI ____
Certification Designations
Firm or Agency:_________________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address _________________________________________________________________________________
City______________________________________________________________ ST/PR_________ZIP___________
Home (____) ___________
Work (_____) ___________ Fax (_____) ____________ Cell (_____) ___________
Email [email protected]_________________________ . _______________________
Birth date: Month ______ Day ______ Year ______ Last four digits of SSN #:____________________
NOTE: Birth date is required for General and Military members to obtain group accidental death and injury insurance. The last four digits of your
SSN/SIN are requested for identification purposes only.
Select one: Membership categories are defined in NVRA’s Policies and
Procedures. Contact NVRA for details.
GENERAL: $225.00
I am a practicing Verbatim Reporter, CART Provider or Captioner.
 Voice  Steno  CART Provider  Captioner
Method of Practice:
MILITARY: $125.00
I am a member of the armed forces on active duty and a practicing Verbatim Reporter. (Does not include
civilians working for the military.)
ASSOCIATE: $210.00 I am a person or represent an organization or educational institution with an ongoing interest in the voice
writing profession. I am not a Verbatim Reporter.
STUDENT: $100.00 I am a student of verbatim reporting and understand that I must upgrade to General membership to be
certified by the Association or if I begin work as a Verbatim Reporter. Where or with whom are you a
General & military members only. Referral information will appear in NVRA's reporter search at nvra.org in the 5 cities you list below.
No more than 5 options will be entered. Geographical locations such as “NE KY” or “Cole County” will not be entered.
__________________, __________________, __________________, __________________
• I must continue uninterrupted membership in NVRA to maintain full or partial certification.
• Membership is subject to final approval by the NVRA Board
Check here if you wish to be excluded from the membership directory or other mailing lists provided to approved vendors.
Signature of Applicant: _________________________________________Date:___________________________________
NVRA dues may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense, but are not deductible as a charitable contribution. A
portion of your dues, however, is not deductible as an ordinary and necessary business expense to the extent that it represents the
costs of NVRA's lobbying activities. The non-deductible portion of your dues (which includes lobbying expenses, as required by tax law)
is $10.00.
NVRA Test Registration Packet: Page 4:4