Entry Form for the llus W. Davis Writing Competition 2015

Entry Form for the llus W. Davis Writing Competition
Please complete all information on this entry form and email it along with your entry. Complete a separate entry
form for each manuscript that you enter. Manuscripts should be double-spaced, typed, and bear the title and
page number on each page. Be sure your manuscript is edited for typing, grammatical, or any other errors that
would hinder a close reading. Submit all entries to Craig Workman at [email protected] by 4:00 p.m.
on May 20, 2016.
Please make sure that your electronic submission is saved in RTF or Word format (either .doc or .docx). If you
have diagrams or images in your document, please scan or save them using the highest possible resolution, and
as a jpeg file. If you have more than one entry, you may send all the entries in the same email, but you need an
entry form for each essay.
Manuscripts will not be returned. If your paper is printed, it will not be copyrighted, which means that you can
submit it for publication elsewhere after our journal is one year old. Thank you for participating in the Ilus W.
Davis Writing Competition.
Please fill in all of the following information for your application to be considered.
Author's Name ______________________________________ (anonymous submissions will not be published)
Title of Essay _____________________________________________________________________________
Student ID # __________________________
Local Address _____________________________________________________________________________
Home or Cell Phone ______________________________
Permanent Address _________________________________________________________________________
Email Address ______________________________
Year in school: freshman ________ sophomore ________ junior ________ senior ________
Major __________________________________________________________________________
Instructor's name __________________________________________________________________
Class (ENG 110, 225, 403, etc.) ______________________
Year and semester taken _______________________________
Please give us a brief profile of yourself for inclusion in the Journal:
I understand that my entry for the IIus W. Davis Writing Competition may be printed in The Sosland Journal
and I hereby give my permission. I also understand that I should not submit this entry to other publications until
one year after its publication at UMKC.
Signature __________________________________________
Date ____________________