Economic Development Enterprise Proposal Form Name: Address

Economic Development Enterprise Proposal Form
The mission of the Partnership is “to foster an economic environment that promotes an increased and diversified
tax base, an improved standard of living and quality of life for all the people of Forest County.” Our full time
executive director focuses on several projects at a time, each intended to support that mission. New projects
requiring significant effort are selected by the Executive Board of the FCEDP. In the space below, please briefly
outline your request for assistance and if possible, explain how this effort would support the mission here in
Forest County. If necessary, please attach additional pages and any supporting documentation.
Your proposal will be considered at the next FCEDP Executive Board meeting. If approved for an
immediate project slot you may be required to provide additional information. All enterprise
proposals are evaluated based on their support of the Mission, achievability and prospective
advancement of Forest County. Any necessary and available grants, revolving loan funds and other
enterprise support will be considered. Please submit your application to the address listed below.
PO Box 96
116 South Lake Avenue
Crandon, Wisconsin 54520
(715) 784-6069
Email: [email protected]