NHSA COMPLAINT FORM - North Harbour Softball Association

NHSA Competition: Complaint must be lodged with the NHSA Office by 12.00 midday on the
first Monday following ANY incident unless Monday is a statutory holiday in which case
complaints must be lodged by 12.00 midday on the first Tuesday following any incident.
Complaints received after this time will be advised to all parties and held on record, however no
action will be taken, with the exception of complaints from the Public, in which case the
Complaints Review Officer has the power to allow investigation of the complaint.
Name of person filing complaint:
Contact phone number of complainant:
Email address of complainant:
Contact details of any other person that
witnessed the event:
If applicable
Game Date and Time:
Team A:
Team B:
Nature of incident\event you are reporting to NHSA
Provide a factual description of what you saw occur
Do not comment on what other people told you they saw or heard, only what you
Where individuals are involved please indicate the names of individuals involved and\or
any identifying information. We cannot investigate an incident if we cannot identify the
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Any other comments you wish to add
NHSA Use Only
Date and time Received:
Date Supplied to Complaints Review Officer:
Complaints Review Officer Decision:
NHSA Complaints Form 2011 1.Docx
Caution: Yes\No
Judicial Committee: Yes\No
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