Chief Building Bulk Payment Form for Building Officials

Bulk Payment Form
for Building Officials
Chief Building
Ministry of
Municipal Affairs
and Housing
Municipal building officials (CBOs, supervisor/managers and inspectors) must register annually with the ministry
under the Building Code. See for more information. Registrations and
payments may be done online through the ministry’s qualification and registration tracking system (QuARTS).
Effective January 2016, building officials have the option to pay online with a payment code if their respective
municipalities have provided bulk payments in advance to the ministry. Payment codes are only available for
online transactions and only for municipal building officials.
Please submit this form with a municipal bulk payment cheque. The amount of the cheque must correspond with
the total amount identified in Section 4 of this form. When the cheque has been processed, the ministry will issue
a payment code to the municipality. The municipality must share the payment code with its building officials for
their online registrations but otherwise keep it secure.
The bulk payment should cover the municipality’s anticipated transactions for a one-year period. The ministry will
use the payment to cover individual transactions for the municipality’s building officials until that amount is
exhausted. A municipality may issue an additional cheque to supplement the initial bulk payment. The ministry will
issue activity reports to municipalities with payment codes on March 31 and October 31 of each year, or upon
1. Request Type (check one)
Request a new payment code. Cheque is attached.
Supplement funds under an existing payment
code. Cheque is attached.
Payment Code:
2. Municipality
Name of Municipality
3. Contact Person
Building Code Identification Number
(if applicable)
Business Address (street number, street name, suite and lot or concession)
Postal Code
Primary Phone Number
Secondary Phone Number (optional)
Email Address
I consent to receiving all communications about registration and qualification from the ministry by email at the
following address (please print):
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Bulk Payment Form for Building Officials (12/15)
Bulk Payment Form
for Building Officials
Chief Building
Ministry of
Municipal Affairs
and Housing
4. Transactions (new registrations, renewals and reinstatements) for a one-year period
Estimated number of transactions
(including potential new hires and
Fee per transaction
(set annually under
the Building Code)
Total amount
(prepare municipal cheque
for this amount)
5. Acknowledgements and Signature
I certify that
a. I am the municipal contact, and
b. The information contained in this form is true to the best of my knowledge.
c. The municipality is responsible for keeping their payment code confidential and the ministry is not
responsible for any cost of any registration charged to the payment code.
Name _______________________________________
Title ________________________________________
Signature ___________________________________
Date _____________________________(dd/mm/yyyy)
6. Cheque Amount
Please use the total amount from Section 4.
Send your form and municipal cheque to the following address, payable to the Minister of Finance:
Qualification and Registration Unit
Building and Development Branch
Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing
777 Bay Street, 7th floor
Toronto, ON M5G 2E5
Personal information provided on this form is collected under the authority of Section 15.11 of the Building Code Act, 1992 and Part 3 of
Division C of the Building Code, as amended, and will be used in the administration and enforcement of the Building Code Act, 1992.
Questions about the collection of personal information may be addressed to the manager of the Code Implementation and Regulatory
Modernization Unit, Building and Development Branch, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, 777 Bay Street, 2 nd floor, Toronto, ON M5G
2E5. For phone inquiries, please call (416) 585-6666. This form is subject to change. Refer to for the latest edition.
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Bulk Payment Form for Building Officials (12/15)