To Claim DISCOUNT please complete this form,
sign the Declaration and return the form to the Hailsham office.
Corporate Services,
Council Offices,
Vicarage Lane,
BN27 2AX
Telephone: Hailsham (01323) 443385
Minicom (01323) 443331
Email: [email protected]
Above numbers for Council Tax enquiries only
Council Tax Ref. No.
Address for which Discount is Claimed
Council Tax is payable on the assumption that there are two residents aged 18 or over living in a dwelling. If the dwelling
is the main home of only one resident aged 18 or over, the amount payable is reduced by 25%. If you think you are entitled
to claim discount, please complete SECTION A.
1. Details of resident adults aged 18 or over (if any)
(If no one lives in the property write “No One” and go to Section B)
Is this the person’s only home?
Address of any other home where the person
named has a liability to pay Council Tax.
2. Any resident children aged 16 or 17? (If none write “none”)
(N.B. These details are not required if two or more adults live in the dwelling)
Date of Birth
SECTION B-Unoccupied Property
The dwelling is no one’s main home, and is a caravan or mobile home.
I claim a discount of 50% of the full Council Tax.
I, the liable person, am required to occupy a property under a contract, requiring me to carry on a trade, profession
or vocation in a property provided by another person, and to live in a dwelling provided by that person.
I enclose documentary evidence and claim a discount of 50% of the full Council Tax.
The dwelling is a second home where occupation is prohibited by law for a continuous period of at least 28 days
in the relevant year, e.g. holiday homes or chalets subject to a planning condition restricting year round occupancy.
I enclose documentary evidence and claim a discount of 10% of the full Council Tax.
The dwelling is no-one’s main home and is furnished and I claim a discount of 10% of the full Council Tax.
The dwelling is no-one’s main home and is unfurnished.
In this instance, the amount payable is not reduced, i.e. the discount is 0%, where the dwelling is both unfurnished
and the appropriate exemptions have expired.
Certain classes of person are not counted as residents for Council Tax purposes. If by not counting someone, the number of
residents is less than two, discount will apply. The classes of people not counted are known as “DISCOUNT DISREGARDS”
classes as set out overleaf. To claim discount based on a “disregarded person” complete both SECTION A above and
SECTION C overleaf.
Form completed by:
Name: …………………………. Signature: …………………………… Date: ……………...
The information on this form is requested under the Local Government Finance Act 1992. Giving false information may result
Only complete this section if you think a resident aged 18 or over comes within one of the classes of persons to
be “Disregarded for Discount Purposes”.
Certain classes of people are not counted as residents for Council Tax. If there is someone in your home who should not be
counted and this brings the number of residents to less than two, discount will apply.
Remember discount does not apply if there are two adults in addition to any “disregarded” person, because if there are two
other adults in the home then not counting a third or fourth person does not reduce the number of counted adults to less than
If you wish to claim DISCOUNT on the grounds that a person in your household should not be counted for Council Tax
and this will mean that the number of adult residents counted for Council Tax is less than two, please complete the
following details and TICK THE APPROPRIATE BOX BELOW.
Council Taxpayer (Name):
Property Address:
Person you believe should be disregarded
for discount purposes (Name):
Reason (Tick the appropriate box in the list below).
NB: No person under the age of 18 is counted as a resident for council tax, therefore the following categories apply only to people
aged 18 years or over
Care Worker.
Student Nurse
i) providing care through a connection with a local
authority or a charity for at least 24 hours per
week for pay of £44 a week or less and living at
or near where the care is provided; or
ii) providing care for a person living in the same
household who receives certain specified state
benefits but who is not a spouse or a dependant
child of the carer.
A student is a person (of any age) enrolled in a fulltime course of further education at a prescribed
educational establishment or a person under the age
of 20 enrolled in certain qualifying courses defined
in Council Tax regulations. A full-time course
must last for at least a year and require minimum
periods of study.
A person following a course leading to registration
under the Nurses, Midwives, and Health Visitors
Act 1979.
An apprentice is someone, regardless of age,
employed for the purpose of learning a trade or
profession, who is paid less than £195 per week
and is undertaking a training programme leading to
an accredited qualification.
A person aged under 25 who is undertaking an
approved training scheme recognised by the
Department of Social Security (DSS).
School or
Young person aged 18 or 19 years who leave
school or college between 1st May and 31st October
in any year are disregarded until 1st November.
Person for
there is still
entitlement to
child benefit.
Where child benefit remains payable for a time
after a young person becomes 18 they will be
disregarded for discount purposes until entitlement
to child benefit ceases. (If the young person is also
a school or college leaver, disregard may continue
under the above category until 1st November).
Severely mentally
Permanent impairment of intelligence and social functioning
(certified by a doctor) and in receipt of specified state
Hospital Patient.
People who have their main place of residence in a National
Health Service hospital. This does not include temporary
hospital stay.
Patients in Homes.
A person living in a residential care home, nursing home,
mental nursing home or hostel who is receiving care or
treatment in the home.
Residents in
Hostels for the
People who are temporarily resident in a hostel for the
Members of
international HQ
and Defence
Any person who is a member of such an organisation or is
the dependant of any such member.
Members of
A member of a religious community where the principal
occupation is prayer, contemplation, education or the relief
of suffering.
Members of
A member or dependant of a member, of a visiting force
from a nation included under the Visiting Forces Act 1952.
Spouse of
Persons in
A person not a British Citizen, who is the spouse or
dependant of a student and is not permitted to work or
obtain benefits.
A person who is detained by order of a court, whether they
are in prison, hospital or any other place. This does not
include a person who is in police custody, until they are
remanded in custody by a court, or person who is detained
for non-payment of Council Tax.
If you tick one of these boxes the Council will need to verify your claim and you
may be asked to provide further information.
If you would like more information without making a claim at this stage please tick
the box below stating which category you are referring to.
Please send more details about ………………………………………………