Special Event Supplementary Form Parks and Recreation

Special Event Supplementary Form
Parks and Recreation - Facility Scheduling
Event Name: ___________________________________________Organizer/Contact: _____________________________________
This Form is to be submitted in addition to the Outdoor Facility Application Form.
Please complete the information in the spaces provided and attach all supporting documentation.
Special event organizer(s) may need to attend an on-site meeting with HRM staff prior to the event to discuss site layout, proper
access points, site sensitive issues, etc.
Do you require access to any building located on the site you are requesting? __ Y __N
If ‘yes’, indicate the number of keys requested __________ ($25.00 deposit per key required).
Do you require access to electricity? (Please note: not all sites have accessible electrical outlets) __Y
There is a $15.00 surcharge for access to electricity/outlets. An HRM electrician may be required.
Will you be providing portable toilets?
If ‘yes’, site location must be provided to HRM staff for
approval. If ‘no’, provide details of plans for providing washroom access:
The Event Organizer is required to complete garbage clean up after your event is over.
additional charges to the event organizer.
Do you require vehicles on site?
__Y __N
** PLEASE NOTE...Vehicles are only permitted on site for the unloading
and loading of equipment and cannot remain for the duration of the booking. **
List all additional equipment to be used and how it will be arriving on site: _____________________________________
Do you plan to have any of the following on site during your event:
___No, If ‘yes’, size_______________________________
OTHER.........Must Specify___________________________ ___Yes
 Yes
 No
Please state security provisions for over- night storage of tents and/or equipment: _______________________________
At your event, do you plan to sell:
Are you planning to have vendors on site?
If ‘yes’, who are the anticipated vendors and what product
will they be selling? ________________________________________________________. Vendors are not permitted on
all sites. It is the organizers’ responsibility to ensure vendors have all applicable licenses.
Do you plan to have music at your event?
__Y __N
If ‘yes’, __Live or __Taped
You are required to adhere to the regulations respecting noise as per HRM By-Law N-200.
All events must be covered by a minimum $2,000,000 Special Event Liability Insurance ($5,000,000 if alcohol is involved). A
copy of the certificate must be provided to the scheduling office a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the event. *** Must confirm
requirements with Scheduling Staff. ***
Is it your expectation to have any work performed by HRM staff before, during, or after your event? __Y __N If ‘yes’,
state expectations:___________ -________________________________________________________________________
There may be additional costs charged to the client for any additional services provided by HRM staff (this includes
requested services (i.e. delivery of barricades) as well as the repair of damages, garbage pick- up, etc.).
Will you be installing/displaying any signs, banners, etc. in conjunction with your event?
__Y __N
If ‘yes’, how many? _____What is being advertised? ________________________________________________________
Signage may NOT be hung from, or posted on, trees.
Non-Compliance may result in
If ‘yes’, you must obtain the appropriate procedural guidelines from the scheduling office.
Additional Regulations:
All facility requirements must be outlined on the Application Form(s).
Site meeting required? If ‘yes’: Meting Date: _______________________________Time:_________________________
Public access to a park, etc. may not be restricted in any way.
Vehicular access location to be identified at the site meeting.
For Office Use Only:
___Site meeting held
___Facility Rental Contract Payment/Signing
___Liability Insurance provided
___Key deposit received (if applicable)
___Copy of Liquor license provided
___Washroom information
___Beer Garden approved
___Fire Services
___Police Services
January 28, 2016