UTeach Dallas Intern Interest Form

UTeach Dallas Intern Interest Form
Internship Requirements:
1. Interns must turn in a plan sketching out the sequence of UTeach courses they intend
to take up through graduation and Apprentice Teaching. Please list the semester for
each course on pg 2 of this form.
2. Interns must have an overall cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above.
3. Interns must attend their UTeach Dallas classes on any day for which they claim
internship hours. It is NOT acceptable to be too sick for class, but well enough to work
on the same day.
4. Only one semester in the plan may include an internship without an UTeach Dallas class
in the same semester.
For any semester that includes an internship and NO UTeach course, the UTeach intern
must attend WeTEACH, our student organization, meetings.
5. Internships are available to Step 2 and higher level students.
Name: _______________________________________ UTD ID: ______________________
UTD Email: ___________________________________ phone: _______________________
Seeking which certification? _______________________________________________________
Do you have a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above? Y or N
What UTeach class are you taking the semester of the internship? _______________________
Did you have an internship last semester? Y or N If yes, where? _____________________
Do you wish to continue with that same internship? Y or N
Have you had an internship with UTeach in the past? If so when/where? _________________
Do you have another job on campus? Y or N If yes, where? __________________________
UTeach Dallas will attempt to match you with your first choice for internship site, but priority
will be given to students who have been in the program longer. You will be contacted by
email. Please check your UTD mail a consistent basis.
List your top two choices for internship this semester.
1) Organization: _____________________________________________________
2) Organization: _____________________________________________________
Approximate number of hours you wish to work each week. ____________________
(Total campus work hours cannot exceed 20 hours per week, most are not more than 10.)
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If your internship site does not work out for any reason or you can no longer meet your
commitment, please contact Kim Distin at [email protected] IMMEDIATELY.
 Attach a copy of your class schedule, including other job hours, meeting
dates, and/or any other conflicts with working. PLEASE make it very clear
when you are AVAILABLE TO WORK.
 Once assigned a position
o You must complete HR paperwork, and bring your Social Security card and
Drivers License/Government ID with paperwork when you turn it in to Kim.
That paper work is submitted to HR on certain scheduled dates. Once paperwork
is processed you will be eligible to work.
UTeach Dallas Course Schedule
Please list the semester and year you completed/intend to take each of the following UTeach
Dallas courses:
Step 1
Step 2
Knowing and Learning
Classroom Interactions
Research Methods
Project Based Instruction
Apprentice Teaching
Math Modeling*
Return this form to Kim Distin’s mailbox in FN 3.218.
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