Course reserves request form

Course reserves request form
For personal or library copies of books, DVDs, and similar physical items to be put on reserve at the circulation desk.
Please complete, print out, and bring this form to Wardman Library. Course instructors, or a person they designate,
are required to collect the materials from library shelves themselves and bring these items and the completed form in
person to the circulation desk.
Spring Today's date
Course title
Course #
Bibliographic citation: Use the text boxes below to identify up to 12 items for reserve. For library copies, we suggest
you copy and paste records from the catalog. For each item, check "IL" for in-library reserve only, and "ON" for
those materials that can be checked out of the library overnight after 10 p.m. (to be returned no later than one hour
after opening the following day). Please note that the library does not recall items, so checked out titles cannot be
placed on reserve, and the library cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged personal copies.
Call # (if a library copy)
Print form
Note: The Print button will not work in all browsers; if it does not work in yours, please select "Print" from the dropdown "File"
menu in your Adobe reader. Additionally, hard copies of this form are available at the Circulation Desk at Wardman Library.