Readmission Following Suspension Conference Form

Return from Suspension Conference Form &
Behavior Assessment Plan
This plan is required for readmission following an assignment of Out-of-School or Alternative
to Suspension.
Date of Conference: ___________________
School: _______________________
Students Name: ______________________
Grade: ___ Age:____ DOB:______
The following people were present for the conference:
Parent(s)/Guardian(s): _________________________________________
Student: _____________________________________________________
Administrator: ________________________________________________
Counselor: ___________________________________________________
Teachers: ____________________________________________________
Others: ______________________________________________________
# of Office Referrals:
# Suspensions:
Current Year Discipline History:
# of Detentions:
# of In School Suspensions:
# Recommended
Saturday Interventions:
WHAT is the reason for this suspension? __________________________________
WHERE did it occur? __________________________________________________
WHY do you believe the student engaged in this behavior?
___To gain attention
___ To gain power/control ___To avoid completing task ___Other
Previous Attempts to Improve Behavior:
Has a parent meeting been scheduled and held?  Yes  No Comments: _______________
Is there a documented behavior plan?  Yes  No How long has it been in effect? _______
Has the student been referred to the school counselor, CAT, or STARS?  Yes  No On what
date? ______
Has student been referred to court for truancy?  Yes  No Comments: ______________
Has student been referred to FINS?  Yes  No Comments: ________________________
Other community agencies? ?  Yes  No Comments: ____________________________
Other Considerations:
Days absent in current session: ___Academic Average: Good ___ Fair ___ Poor ___
Age/Grade Appropriate?  Yes  No Teacher Reports: Good __ Fair ___ Poor ___
In order for __________________ (student’s name) to return to
______________________________ (school) and avoid being suspended again or
recommended for expulsion the following behavior changes must be made:
Follow directions
Adhere to dress code regulations
Complete assignments
Accept “no” for an answer
Disagree appropriately
Give criticism appropriately
Speak courteously with others
Report promptly to assigned areas
during transitions
Express feelings and anger
Report other youths’ behavior
Gain teacher’s attention appropriately
Make apologies
Avoid using profanity
Interact without teasing
Remain in assigned area
Accept criticism or consequence
Remain in class unless given
permission to leave
The TEACHER and/ or COUNSELOR will:
Teach social skills listed above
Use preventive teaching techniques
Review the students schedule for academic issues
Correct the student discreetly and in close proximity
Maintain daily and or weekly communication with parents
Instruct all staff on the BAP who are involved
The STUDENT will:
Sign the plan as a behavior contract
Take a progress report or Probation Card to each teacher daily for signatures
Take a report home daily for the parents’ signature
Return the signed report the following day
Take assignments home daily
Complete a self-monitoring chart hourly
The PARENT will:
Practice social skills at home with the student
Sign reports sent home daily
See that the student takes signed reports to school
Reward at home based upon behavior reports from school
Maintain communication with the teacher
Use charting at home to assess progress
Additional restrictions or conditions of readmission:
 Must attend school every day unless there is a valid excuse and be on time
 Must obey all parish, school, and classroom rules and not commit any behavior
offense which would normally result in suspension
 Must be respectful to all staff members
 Must complete school work to the best of his/her ability
 Must not participate in any extra-curricular activities
 Must write a personal letter of apology to the following individual(s)
(_________________________)and submit to the school principal by _________
 Must write and sign a contract stating (5, 7, 10) ways he/she will change their
behavior and have it signed by a parent and submitted to the principal by ________
 Must bring an agenda book home and have it signed by a parent daily
 Must ride LPSS transportation to/from school or ride with a parent daily (may not
drive/ride with friends)
 Must complete and submit any make-up work by _________ (date)
 The student is referred to ___ CAT ____ STARS ____ SBLC ____ TAT ____ TASC
____ FINS and must comply with all treatment recommendations.
This plan may be revisited or modified at any time and will be reviewed on
______________________ (30 calendar days) for determination of completion or