WORKSHEET 6: FORM PASSIVE SENTENCES, mentioning the agent where necessary
(1) In Scotland men sometimes wear kilts.
(2) A dog bit me last year
(3) They threw the bottles away.
(4) Someone has shot the president.
(5) I could hear footsteps. Someone was following me.
(6) Somebody stole my bag in the shop.
(7) The police have arrested three men.
(8) The bill includes service.
(9) People don't use this road very often.
(10) They have changed the date of the meeting.
(11) Everyone likes her.
(12) Someone has used my new skis.
(13) They will build a new bridge over the river.
(14) Customers must leave the bar before midnight.
(15) In China most farmers grow rice.
(16) Someone has broken into the house.
(17) The burglar had tied Mr Jones up with a rope.
(18) People keep budgies in cages.
(19) They picked us up at the hotel.
(20) Somebody built this house in 1895.
(21) In Scotland some people can play bagpipes (Dudelsack).
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