Subject - Verb Agreement TEST
I. Basic rules: choose the answer that is correct.
1. A plural subject takes a __________ verb
a. singular
b. plural
c. irregular
d. action
2. A singular subject takes a __________ verb.
a. singular
b. plural
c. irregular
d. action
3. Neither, either, or, nor are __________.
a. singular
b. plural
4. “And” is usually ___________.
a. singular
b. plural
5. If you have a compound subject, the subject closer to the verb should agree with
the verb.
a. true
b. false
II. Number Agreement: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer sheet.
6. This music (has, have) elements of harmony are very complex.
7. Before they leave for vacation, the women (ask, asks) their neighbors to look after
their house.
8. The entire class (enjoy, enjoys) the reading assignment every week.
9. The students (forget, forgets) their assignments often.
10. My mother (prefers, prefer) a good book to a good movie.
III. Phrase and Clause Interrupters: Write the correct form of the verb on the
answer sheet.
11. The last people off the ship (carry, carries) their own luggage.
12. Songs about love (make, makes) me cry.
13. Two pieces of pie (was, were) eaten before dinner.
14. The jar of lima beans (was, were) stored in the coolest section of the basement.
15. The judges on the panel (decide, decides) which skaters will continue to the semifinals.
16. The potatoes from the garden (was, were) peeled before they were put into the
17. The sound of passing cars (echo, echoes) through the streets.
18. The students in the class (like, likes) when I have a sub.
19. The solution to all of our problems (is, are) to follow the directions.
20. The anthology of short stories (include, includes) at least one story from Poe.
IV. Indefinite Pronouns: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer sheet.
21. Something about the candidates answers (has, have) been bothering me ever since
the debate.
22. Both of the dogs (has, have) already been treated for worms.
23. Neither of the movies (is, are) very good.
24. Everybody who is registered for the class (read, reads) the same books.
25. Few of the world’s sharks (grow, grows) to be sixty feet long.
26. One of the most interesting sharks (is, are) the whale shark.
27. Each of the whale shark’s eggs (is, are) quite large.
28. Many of the visitors (scream, screams).
29. Few of us (has, have) seen a giant jelly fish before.
30. Everyone in our class (seem, seems) to be having a good time.
V. And, or, as well as, along with: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer
31. Plants and flowers (is, are) featured on the cover of this month’s magazine.
32. The author and illustrator of the magazine (is, are) the same person.
33. In the early 1800’s slaveholding and slave trading (was, were) widespread.
34. Neither the large universities nor the local college (was, were) accepting
applications from African Americans.
35. Just laws and strict enforcement of them (was, were) needed)
36. Also described in the magazine (is, are) experiments and discoveries.
37. Red beans and rice (is, are) a great meal.
38. Neither poverty nor difficult hardship ( were, was) an issue for determined men.
39. Sara or Savannah (do, does) not like to do extra homework.
40. Either the mouse or the cats (is, are) making late night noises.
41. Black and white photography (is, are) my favorite type of photos.
42. Zac or the girls (is, are) going to go crazy.
43. Mr. Harper or Mrs. Cruce (like, likes) to host TNO’s.
44. Hunter and Savannah (want, wants) to go to the movies.
45. Neither Ashlyn nor Shannon (has, have) her project.
VI. Subjects Following the Verb: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer
46. Why (is, are) your parents leaving you alone for the weekend?
47. Here (is, are) the books you requested.
48. There (is, are) many reasons you should read those books.
49. (Has, Have) the students returned from their field trip yet?
50. When (was, were) the latest episodes of the show supposed to air.
VII. Collective Nouns: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer sheet.
51. Before each game, the team (practice, practices) their kicks.
52. The committee generally (decide, decides) on its course of action pretty quickly.
53. After the rain, the entire heard (graze, grazes) peacefully along the hillside.
54. The evening before the battle, the army (clean, cleans) their weapons.
55. Having reached the state semifinals, the team (are, is) celebrating their individual
56. Our family (has, have) never been able to agree on our summer vacation
57. Every Saturday, the troop (present, presents) individual projects to their parents.
58. The jury (deliberate, deliberates) its decision for hours.
59. The city council (vote, votes) on their opinion of a new tax increase.
60. The flock (raise, raises) their wings to fly.
VIII. Amounts and measurement: Write the correct form of the verb on the answer
61. Fifteen dollars (was, were) a fair price for that teapot.
62. Sixty yards of fabric ( is, are) enough to make the banners for the parade.
63. (Is, Are) mumps a contagious disease.
64. One quarter of the floor (is, are) reserved for dancing.
65. The three weeks before Spring Break (feel, feels) like forever.
IX. Paragraph Edit: Correct the verbs that do not agree with their subject. Place a
“C” in the blank if the sentence is correct.
(66) Besides harming their own bodies, smokers also endanger the good health of people
around them. (67) Cigarette smoke, either from a smoker's exhalation or straight from the
cigarette, contain carbon monoxide, a highly poisonous gas. (68) Nobody appreciate
breathing in poisonous gas. (69) And it is not just the health factors that keeps away from
smokers. (70) Even nonsmokers who do not know about carbon monoxide is usually
bothered by the smoke because it makes breathing difficult. (71) In addition, a lot of
smoke in closed rooms are often irritating to the eyes. (72) Many people is also disgusted
(73) when they smells a smoker's clothes or see the yellow nicotine stains on a smoker's
front teeth. (74) Finally, not too many people enjoy kissing somebody whose mouth taste
like an ashtray. (75) So, smokers needs to realize that they are harming those around
them not just themselves.