The Sixth Form is a place where students have the time to adapt from the familiarity of their
school lives and an environment which they have been used to for a number of years to a
more adult, mature environment where choices have to be made about the future.
Our aim is…
“To equip and prepare all our students for adult life so that they can lead full and
productive lives as members of their own community”
We achieve this by:
Providing a stimulating learning environment, where all students can access a
range of exciting activities, designed to educate, stimulate and challenge.
Creating an ethos in which everyone is valued and respected and where students
are motivated, supported and encouraged to strive for success.
Providing the highest quality of teaching and learning, through a skilled and
appropriately trained and dedicated staff team.
All students will access a range of accredited courses which will increase learning
opportunities and raise achievements.
Providing outstanding care, support and guidance for all our students through a
caring and nurturing community resulting in their excellent behaviour and high
quality personal development.
Preparing our students for adult life by taking part in independence and self help
skills programmes.
Working in partnership with students, their families, professionals and local
authorities, to prepare the leavers for life after Hope View.
Whilst in the Sixth Form, whether this is for one or two years, they are provided with
opportunities to develop their independence skills and prepare for the future whilst continuing
to follow learning pathways which are designed to develop both their life and personal skills.
They will be exposed to a wide range of opportunities and experiences which will not only
deliver qualifications at a level to suit the learners needs but also prepare them for the choices
they will need to make about the future when they finally leave Hope View School.
Links with external provision provides opportunities for students to take part in vocational
courses, life skills and work experience placements in preparation for college or work in the
future. These experiences facilitate a smooth transition to a different way of learning, within a
new environment but with the familiar support of the staff of Hope View School.
Hope View School is owned and operated by Carmichael Education Ltd
Registered No: 5446414
Directors: Mr M and Mrs C Lorne
DCSF Number: 886/6123
Each student’s learning programme develops over will include:
Functional Skills (Literacy, Numeracy, Communication and ICT)
GCSE English, Mathematics and Science
Self Help
Independence including Travel Training
Social Skills
Careers Education and Employability skills
Sexual health, relationships and personal safety
Allocation of Sixth Form Places
Local Authorities ask parents to complete a Post 16 transition form detailing their preference
for their child’s post 16 education by the July of Year 10.
Year 11 annual review meetings are held in November where future education is discussed
with the young person, parents/carers, school and other significant agencies. If the school
feels that Sixth Form provision would be inappropriate for the young person this is
highlighted at the meeting and could be for the following reasons:
The young person has made significant progress during their time at the school and
would not benefit from staying on as this may hinder further educational and social
The young person’s behaviour or educational progress is of a serious concern and
they would not make best use of a Sixth Form placement.
The school makes a recommendation to the young person’s local authority regarding their
suitability for a Sixth Form placement by December of Year 11. This has to be approved by
the County Panel. The outcome is normally determined by February of Year 11 and
parents/carers and the school are informed in writing as to whether or not funding for a Sixth
Form placement has been approved. This process is repeated in Year 12 where a young
person expresses a preference for remaining at Hope View for Year 13.
If the young person’s academic progress and/or behaviour deteriorates significantly at any
time during Year 11, (or 12 if the request is for a Year 13 place) the school reserves the right
to retract the offer of a Sixth Form placement and will inform both the Local Authority and
parents/carers by the last day of the Spring Term of Year 11 or 12.
Sixth Form Courses
In the summer term of Year 11, a meeting is held with parents/carers, the young person and
the school to discuss recommended and preferred courses for study in the Sixth Form. The
school will always aim to provide the courses to suit the young person’s preferences by using
both on and off site resources however, there may be times when this is not possible and
alternatives options have to be decided upon.
Hope View School is owned and operated by Carmichael Education Ltd
Registered No: 5446414
Directors: Mr M and Mrs C Lorne
DCSF Number: 886/6123
Applications to Colleges for Further Education
All pupils in Years 11 and Year 12 will be required to apply to college by December
regardless of whether or not a preference has been expressed for a Sixth Form place.
Induction Week
An induction week for all Sixth Form students will take place during the first week of the
academic year. The purpose of this is to introduce them to new courses, expectations and
what it means to be a member of the Sixth Form at Hope View School.
Links with other Policies
Special Educational Needs Policy
Behaviour and Discipline Policy
Curriculum Policies
Responsible Person: Mrs C Lorne – Headteacher
Policy review date: August 2018
Hope View School is owned and operated by Carmichael Education Ltd
Registered No: 5446414
Directors: Mr M and Mrs C Lorne
DCSF Number: 886/6123