Booking Form - The Holly Lodge Centre

Booking Form
Our booking form has four sections:
1.Group details
2.Terms and conditions
3.Health and Safety information for visitors
4.Summary of risk assessments
a special place for learning
Please take a few minutes to complete all the necessary sections, contacting the Centre to discuss
your visit before you start and then returning the sections requested. When complete please return
this form and the terms and conditions form to the Holly Lodge Centre, Richmond Park TW10 5HS
Section 1.
Group details
Please contact the Centre to discuss your visit before completing this section.
The date of your visit _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Session time _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
The activity you want to do ______________________________________________________________________________________
Will your group be having lunch at the Centre (either before or after the activity)? See Guidelines.
Cost: Sessions are two hours and normally cost £ 4.00 per person, but some are £ 4.50. Please
check before your visit. People supervising your group are free. Please make cheques payable to
The Holly Lodge Centre. Alternatively you may ask to be invoiced.
About your group
Name and address of your organisation _______________________________________________________________________
Type of organisation ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Telephone number ________________________________________________________________________________________________
e-mail address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Mobile number ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Home borough ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of key contact ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of the group leader on the day __________________________________________________________________________
Age range of group _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Number in the group ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Number of adults __________________________________________________________________________________________________
The Holly Lodge Centre (Aug 2013)
In partnership with the Royal Parks Education and Community Engagement
Registered Charity No. 1076741
Registered as a Company limited by
guarantee in England & Wales: 3663780
Booking Form section 1
Coaches need permits to come into Richmond Park? (see notes of information) Do you need
a permit? _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Any more information about your group that we need to know e.g. people with special needs,
with access difficulties, medical conditions, behaviour difficulties, resource adaptation needs.
Do you have any wheelchair users and how many? ___________________________________________________
About the activities you have selected
Are there any elements of the activity you’d like us to give emphasis to, to fit in with themes
you’re following with the group? (please look at the pre-visit information on our website and
mention any link with your own programmes)
We often take photographs of visitors whilst they are taking part in our activities. We use
a selection of these for our various marketing publications and for displays when giving
presentations to our supporters. Some photos may be used on our website.
In the case of children, we ask that you check before your visit and tell us on the day
whether there are any children whose photos are not to be taken for this purpose.
For our use only
Session leader for this activity: ______________________________________________________________________
Booking confirmed?__________________________ Date: _________________________________________________
Date payment received: _____________________ cash/cheque/card
Date invoice issued (if required): ____________________________________________________________________
Coach permit issued (if requested) _________________________________________________________________
General Health and Safety information sent? _____________________ Date: _________________________
Booking Form section 2
The Royal Parks
The Holly Lodge Centre visitor programme Richmond Park
Terms and Conditions
•The following are The Royal Park’s terms and conditions, which apply to the participation in
the Holly Lodge Centre Visitor Programme in Richmond Park. The supervisor in charge of
the clients or someone in authority in the organisation is required to sign where indicated,
confirming that the organisation agrees to abide by these conditions.
•You will indemnify The Royal Parks against all claims, proceedings, damages, costs, expenses
and loss in respect of personal injury (including death) or loss of or damage to property
arising out of your use of the Park save insofar as such injury, loss or damage is reasonably
attributable to The Royal Parks, its servants, agents or licensees. You will also be required to
have appropriate insurance cover (including third party insurance) to meet this requirement,
which must be valid for the date of your visit.
•You will comply with any instructions written or verbal which may be given by the Park
Manager, his representatives, or the staff and volunteers of the Holly Lodge Centre, or by the
Metropolitan Police and with any health and safety requirements.
•On arrival, the group leader must sign in at The Royal Park’s Reception in Holly Lodge, while
the group remains in their vehicles until met by a representative from the Centre. The group
must not enter the yard unless accompanied by Park Manager, his representatives, or the staff
and volunteers of the Holly Lodge Centre, or by the Metropolitan Police.
•Visits to the Centre will usually last 2 hours under supervision of the Project Manager and/
or volunteers, unless otherwise agreed. Supervisors of those in charge of the group and its
helpers are responsible for supervising the visitors during this 2 hour period and if they come
for a picnic lunch either before or after the arranged visit.
•Vehicles belonging to the organisation or any other vehicles used to bring the clients to the Park
(including those belonging to the supervisors or helpers) may be left in the car park at Holly
Lodge during the visit at the owner’s risk and must display a parking permit unless in a liveried
I agree to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in the Agency’s letter of permission above
Date of visit _____________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name in block capitals ________________________________________________________________________________________
Signature _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
Representing (organisation) _________________________________________________________________________________
Date _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Daytime telephone number __________________________________________________________________________________
Mobile telephone number ____________________________________________________________________________________
The Holly Lodge Centre, Holly Lodge, Richmond Park, Richmond, Surrey TW10 5HS 020 8940 8730 or
07964 213635 • • [email protected]
Booking Form section 3
The Holly Lodge Centre
Holly Lodge, Richmond Park
General and Health and Safety Information for Visitors
This information is produced to help ensure that your visit is a success. It also forms part of our
Health & Safety and our Child Protection policies and procedures. If there is anything you are
not sure about please contact us.
On arrival the group leader ONLY should report to Holly Lodge reception when you arrive –
through the garden gate opposite the short stay car park and the front door of Holly Lodge
House. Please keep your group in their vehicle(s). You will then be met and shown where to
park and where the activity is taking place. If you arrived by foot please assemble your group
by the meeting point by the wooden gates.
Please do not bring your group into the house. Groups must not enter the yard without being
accompanied by a Holly Lodge Centre member of staff or a volunteer. This is for your own
safety as it is a working place.
Under no circumstances must anyone cross the cattle grid except in a vehicle.
General Information
Booking procedure:
•Call us or send us an email to discuss your visit, the dates available and to make a
provisional booking.
•Return your booking form with full payment within 10 working days of making your provisional
booking and no less than 5 working days before your visit.
•Please tell us on the booking form any information about your group, which will help us
prepare for their visit e.g. any special educational, or health needs.
•If you would like to make a pre visit please let us know. Please check our pre-visit information
on the website.
•When we have received your booking form we will confirm the visit.
•The normal cost for activities is £ 4.00 per person for a (2hr) session.
•All adults supervising your group are free. Special activities cost £ 4.50 per person.
•Please make payments by cheque made payable to ‘The Holly Lodge Centre’. You may pay
on the day or request an invoice. Groups who cancel on the day of the visit will be charged
the full cost and within less than a week 50% of the cost. The Centre will use its discretion
regarding cancellations of visits and payment if there is a reasonable reason for doing so.
Information about how to find us can be found on our web site. Coaches but not minibuses will
need a special permit to enter the Park - please ask us to send you one before your visit (we
will need to know the registration number). Vehicles can be left at owner’s risk during your visit
at an agreed location on site and display a parking permit which we will issue on the day.
Booking Form section 3
Our personnel:
All our staff and volunteers are suitably recruited and trained to lead the activity. Personnel
working with young and other vulnerable people have been checked through DBS and have
been trained appropriately. Our personnel wear identity badges.
Mobile phones:
Please ask members of your group and supervising adults to turn off mobile phones during the
activity. Our personnel carry mobile phones for use in emergency.
The Centre operates a no smoking policy.
Responsibility for supervision:
It is your responsibility to ensure that your group is adequately supervised at all times during
your visit including breaks and at lunchtime. Please bring your own lunch. There should be a
minimum of 2 adults per group and for Key Stage 1 & 2 school groups a ratio of 1 supervising
adult for each group of 5/6 young people. We will not run the activity if there are insufficient
adults with your group.
Please make sure you brief the adults supervising your group on their role for the visit i.e. to
play an active part in assisting the group.
In the event of a medical situation for any of your group, you are responsible for decisions
about medical and emergency services.
The Holly Lodge Centre personnel are responsible for providing the activity and the resources
necessary to run it.
There is no catering on site and we do not provide lunch. If you are bringing a packed lunch
please let us know on the booking form whether you will be staying at the Centre to eat it. We
can make arrangements for you to eat your lunch inside if the weather is not good enough to
be out on the picnic lawn.
Health & Safety Information
The Holly Lodge Centre and The Royal Parks welcome visitors on official business to Holly
Lodge, but would like to remind them that it is a working environment and as such there are
certain rules which should be adhered to for their own health and safety.
•Bring a list of all people in the visiting group.
•Make sure you are familiar with the fire drill (this will be explained by the Centre’s group
•Children or adults in the care of others should not be allowed to wander around the yard
unaccompanied by the Centre’s staff or volunteers. Groups should be accompanied by a
member of staff or volunteers from the Centre or a member of the Royal Parks staff at all
times when on site at Holly Lodge.
•Beware of moving vehicles in the yard and on the approach road.
•Follow the marked routes around the yard where available.
Booking Form section 3
•Keep away from all machinery and equipment.
•Keep away from the large pieces of timber by the sawmill.
•Do not climb on bales of hay or straw stored in the barns.
•Take care when near the ponds.
•Do not touch any of the horses or feed them – they may bite!
•Do not enter the Shire horse yard, particularly when the horses are tethered outside their
stables, unless you are accompanied by a member of staff or volunteer.
•Do not walk over the cattle grid.
•Please do not smoke inside or near any buildings at Holly Lodge or inside the barns and
storage sheds.
•Please remember that The Royal Parks are open to the public. There are potential hazards
from vehicles, machinery, horses, dogs and wildlife (including deer which should not be fed or
•Please make sure all open wounds are covered before you arrive.
•We carry out risk assessments on all our activities. The risks have been assessed as very
low. Risk assessments are available on request. You may want to inform parents / guardians
of the risks involved and carry out your own risk assessments.
Once our personnel have met you they will:
•give an introductory talk, that will include instructions about health and safety;
•lead the activity in such a way as to minimise the risk of any accidents and it is important
that young people and adults in your group listen to and follow the instructions given by our
personnel at the start of each activity.
Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the visiting organisation to carry out first aid if
necessary for their clients and staff. Please bring a First Aid kit with you and make sure that
someone in your group is a First Aider.
Please do not enter the yard without a member of staff or a volunteer from the Holly Lodge
Centre - even though you may have been here many times before.
• Our risk assessments show that our activities present a very low risk to participants as a
result our volunteers are not trained First Aiders and are instructed not to administer First Aid.
A First Aid kit is available on site, but we would advise you to bring your own kit.
• All groups should come with a designated First Aider.
• If there is an accident or near accident please let our activity leader know so that we can
record it.
Equipment, clothing etc:
We will provide all the educational equipment and materials needed for the activity including
worksheets, clipboards, pencils etc.
Please make sure your group is suitably dressed for the activity. If the activity is outside
please make sure the group has suitable footwear e.g. wellies or trainers, wet weather gear or
protection from the sun in hot weather. We will carry on with the activity unless the weather is
completely unsuitable. Please make sure legs are covered to reduce the risk of being bitten by
Booking Form section 4
Summary of Risk Assessments
Pond dipping
Guided walk/
Nature trail
Activity rooms
Controls Remaining
Use of approved pond dipping sites.
Adequate supervision of group by
responsible adults.
Ensuring participants wash hands after
the activity.
Stings and bites
Health and Safety talk at the beginning of
the session
Death from anaphylactic Information requested
from shock caused by
Booking / Agreement Form.
group leaders on stings
or bites.
Stung by nettles
Introductory talk at nature trail start of
activity. Adequate supervision of group by
responsible adults.
Cuts, grazes etc
Introductory talk at nature trail start of
from trips and falls
activity. Adequate supervision of group by
responsible adults.
Lyme Disease
Information sent to group leader before
(Richmond) and Oak
visit, in season as appropriate.
Processionary Moth
Ensuring participants wash hands after
the activity.
Cuts, grazes etc. from
Introductory talk at nature trail start of
trips and falls
activity. Adequate supervision of group by
responsible adults.
Cuts, grazes etc
Introductory talk at nature trail start of
from using gardening
activity. Demonstration of how to use
equipment safely. Adequate supervision
of group by responsible adults.
Cuts, grazes etc from
Introductory talk at nature trail start of
trips and falls
activity. Adequate supervision of group by
responsible adults.
Handling of artefacts
Introductory talk at nature trail start of
activity. Adequate supervision of group by
responsible adults.
Very low
Very low
Very low
Very low
Very low
Very low
Very low
Very low
Very low
Very low
Very low
Very low
We would advise all members of a visiting group to wash their hands after a visit to the Centre,
especially if they have been outdoors and are going to eat any food after the activity.
We hope you have a successful trip and will come again.