Part 28 of Form ADV: Brochure Supplement Harold Murray Sawyer

Part 28 of Form ADV: Brochure Supplement
Harold Murray Sawyer Jr
1013 Centre Road , #405
Wilmington, DE 19805
Westover Capital Advisors, LLC
Wilmington, DE 19805
This brochure supplement provides information about Harold Murray Sawyer Jr
that supplements the Westover Capital Advisors , LLC brochure. You should
have received a copy of that brochure . Please contact Murray Sawyer if you did
not receive Westover Capital Advisors, LLC's brochure or if you have any
questions about the contents of this supplement.
Additional information about Harold Murray Sawyer Jr is available on the SEC's
website at
Item 2 Educational, Background and Business Experience
Full Legal Name: Harold Murray Sawyer Jr
Born: 1946
• University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; BA, American Studies ; 1968
• Vanderbilt University; JD; 1971
Business Experience
• Richards, Layton & Finger, PA; Associate; from 12/1971 to 2/1972
• State of Delaware ; Deputy Attorney General ; from 3/1972 to 9/1973
• Berg , Komissaroff & Sawyer, PA; Partner; from 10/1973 to 12/1977
• Sawyer, Akin & Herron, PA (or its predecessor firms) ; Founding Partner; from 1/1978
to 9/2002
• H. Murray Sawyer, Jr.; Attorney at law, solo practice ; from 10/2002 to 12/2011
• The RAL Group , LLC; Chairman; from 1/1979 to Present
• Westover Capital Advisors ; President & CIO ; from 11 /1999 to Present
Item 3 Disciplinary Information
Harold Murray Sawyer Jr has no reportable disciplinary history.
Item 4 Other Business Activities
A. Investment-Related Activities
1. Murray Sawyer is not engaged in any other investment-related
2. Murray Sawyer does not receive commissions, bonuses or other
compensation on the sale of securities or other investment products.
B. Non-Investment-Related Activities
Murray Sawyer is a retired attorney. In addition he is the Chairman of a related
group of three incorporating and corporate filing service companies he founded
or co-founded. His chairmanship provides additional him with compensation
and involves a limited amount of his time. However, the majority of his time is
spent on WCA advisory activities.
Item 5 Additional Compensation
Murray Sawyer does not receive any economic benefit from a non-advisory client for
the provision of advisory services.
Item 6 Supervision
Supervisor: Harold Murray Sawyer, Jr.
Title: President and CCO
Phone Number: 302-427-9600
As President of Westover Capital Advisors, LLC, Mr. Sawyer is responsible for assuring that
Advisor and its employees comply with SEC compliance issues as well as those requirements
of state and federal laws. The Advisor has engaged a third party to assist it and to review its
SEC compliance issues and to that extent in a two-person firm , he is supervised by said third
party. In addition , he has chief responsibility for business development for the firm .